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UFO Encounters Continuing In Frederic, Wisconsin

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:25 PM
Going through my bookmarked ufo sites I've read something that I found interesting to share with you.

I am the director of HBCC UFO Research and have been investigating and reporting on the topic since mid 2000. Many years ago I was heavily involved with the American Association of Variable Star Observers, The Royal Canadian Astronomical Society of Canada. I have enjoyed astronomy all my life and of course all factors of the paranormal. This is what brought me to looking into the UFO topic.
HBCC UFO Research was contacted by way of telephone late one evening. A fellow by the name of Shawn, asked me for some help as he and his family were going through a number of unusual experiences, seeing lights/objects which were happening around them on a non stop basis. Shawn was extremely worried for his families safety as any parent would be.
His story is below.
Shawn said he and his family have property approximately 30 miles north of Frederic in Wisconsin. But this first incident took place before they had moved into their new home. One night Shawn decided to drive to the local bar to pick up some pizzas for him and his family for dinner. When returning home on the one and a half mile drive he noticed a strange light which was bouncing and zipping across the sky. Shawn knowing this was really unusual, pulled his vehicle off the road and into a gravel pit, turned off the vehicles headlights and sat and watched the light for a short while. After watching this weird light maneuvering all over the sky he decided to drive home quickly to tell his wife, also thinking if the light was still visible he and his wife might get some video footage of it. The couple grabbed the video camera and headed back outside, and sure enough the light was still moving about the night sky. They managed to film it, but later on after reviewing the video on the TV, Shawn told me the light shows up as only a speck. He mentioned that what he used to shoot the footage wasn't professional equipment so the object wasn't showing up very good at all. Plus capturing night footage isn't that easy to begin with...

Here is the LINK

I've found this story very wierd not for the patern of lights and their behavior but for the way how those lights responded to the laser pointed at them, wind and the electrical charge. I see things in common with other ufo sightings but I never read before a behavior as strange as the one described in the story. Any thought?

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by Telos

the way how those lights responded to the laser pointed at them

There is a Scientific effort in Norway that also documented a responce from an "unknown" to a LASER light.

A couple of reports from Hessdalen state that the light disappeared when a strong light-source was directed towards it. We wanted to test if this was correct. Therefore, we got a 633 nm laser from Spectra-Physics Inc. Model 155. This had a power of 0.4 to 0.76 mW in the TEM (00) mode. The divergence was 1 mrad.


We used the laser, and pointed it towards a flashing light, in two different cases, totally 9 times. 8 of these times, there was a reaction.
In the first case, there was a regular flashing light, slowly moving towards north, on Sunday 12 February at 7.35 pm. The flashing had been regular all the time we had seen the light. The light moved slowly. From the first time we saw it in the south, until it disappeared in the north, it took about 15 minutes. When this light was in the northern part of Finns†h›gda, we pointed the laser towards it for the first time. At once, it changed the flashing sequence: From a regular flashing light, it became a regular double-flashing light: Flash.Flash.......Flash.Flash.......Flash.Flash....... After about 10 seconds, we put the laser down, at once it became a regular single-flashing light again: Flash......Flash......Flash...... After about 10 seconds we repeated this again. It was repeated totally 4 times before it went out of sight. All the times, we got this double-flashing, when the laser was pointing at it.

The second case, the same type of light came from the north and moved towards south. It was the same day, Sunday 12 February at 8.41 pm. When the light was in the west, we pointed the laser towards it. The same thing happened now; it changed to a double-flashing light when the laser pointed towards it. This time we did it 5 times. Only the last of these times did we not get any double-flashing. But 4 of these 5 times, we got it.

The test was done like this: Kurt Persson used binoculars looking at the light. He told what he was seeing all the time; he said: "flash...flash...flash...". I (Erling Strand) used the laser. He could not see where I was pointing with the laser. When I raised the laser, pointing at the light, he said: "flash.flash.....flash.flash.....flash.flash.....". May Britt Pellving was a witness to what we were doing. There were also other persons out at that moment, but they were concentrating on their work.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 03:43 PM
Telos, that guy has some pretty interesting articles written, thanks for posting!

Actually, the people in charge of the Hessdalen project resides in the same town were i live and i have been tinkering with the idea of doing a story on them. Hessdalen itself is an 8hr drive from me. Could be an interesting place to camp out for a couple of nights as well as getting some firsthand reasearch for a story done.


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