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Psyschism, enlightenment and smoking

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 04:00 AM
Hello good people.

Been reading these boards for quite a while now and a thought occurs to me.
How many of you alleged psychics / healers smoke (tobacco) ?

You see I have encountered people who claim psychic ability one way or the other
but what I remember most is the smell of cigarettes.

I do not smoke and never will. I find the habit disgusting and the smell of it
on someones clothes when they have just come in from a crafty fag (US posters this means a cigarette in the UK..) I find sickening.

There have been friends and girlfriends over the years that I have drifted from because of this deadly habit. I been in the company of some really beautiful woman but it meant nothing...the diet of coffee and fags.....yuck...
Even when in a shop and someone buys cigarettes I feel ill because they are killing themselves.

There was a time where I took up some health and beauty stuff as an intended career (massage etc) but found that I could not stomach the smell as clients hung around outside for a smoke then came in. I could also visualise (I don't think I mean psychically) their diseased lungs and felt sick.

Some time back I dabbled a bit in a psychic development group. I had started seeing / hearing / feeling stuff while meditating and after some research thought that I was either delusional or perhaps was developing psychic abilities (the jury is still out I reckon). Yet again I cant remember someone not smoking. I don't mean in the group itself but before. It really put me off ...that smell of stale tobacco.... I found it hard to shut off the sense of it was hard to drift way into the psychic realm. I started to think that you need to smoke to be psychic, does that make sense? Eventually I stopped going and found that if I stopped meditating the "dreams and visions" stopped. Back to today.

Even on these boards I read of people, some apparently doing good for mankind, who mention their need for this addiction. There are out there hypnotists who will cure you of smoking who smoke themselves. There are breatharians who will claim to not need food and water who will smoke.

There is an ignorance of smokers. They really seem to think that they can have a crafty smoke and no-one know. Years ago an employer with a no smoking policy really frowned upon people who smoked. I honestly believe if he could have discriminate against them he would. I enjoyed working in a genuine smoke free environment. Then a gorgeous, bubbly lady started. She understood the policy. It was stated that it is a no smoking site. She used to sneak off somewhere, we don't know where, and come back smelling of tobacco, which believe me in a clean smoke free environment really was noticeable. She was convinced no-one knew she had a smoke. I know you smokers out there are thinking "Must have been like living in Nazi Germany". But one reason I liked working there was because I did not feel sick every time I had to smell tobacco and at interview it was stated that smoking was not tolerated.

Doubtless the smokers cant wait to counter my "attack" on them. But you really should see it from others point of view. Your psychic powers seem unable to prevent your pollutants and deadly noxious chemicals from making there way to my lungs.

I keep hearing and reading that psychic people or those people that have found the higher mind are enlightened and altruistic (not always the case on these boards!!!) I also hear that they are intelligent and not goofy nutcases.

I just cannot see smoking being very enlightened or part of being in tune with the universe. I await the attacks on us non-smokers

So to end. My point is where do I go for a non smoking psychic? Before its I will not "Phone a psychic" and contact remotely on the web "Perleeeeze no!!"


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