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The "Martian Roswell" OR "The Loneliness Of Masursky"

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posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 06:56 PM
“The "Martian Roswell" OR "The Loneliness Of Masursky"

I write the below in an attempt to point out how ONE MAN was ultimately responsible for the release of the Cydonian anomalies to the Public. Many other Researchers have profited from the late Masursky’s courageous work. I write the following to “set the record straight”…

Brief Background (Expanding on - and making clearer - some of the Research in my Abstract, Refer):

Cydonia was initially designated Potential Landing Site Number 16 of 35 for Viking 2 Lander. By July 15 1972 Mariner 9 had taken 3 narrow-angle high-resolution Camera B frames and 1 wide-angle Camera A frame of Cydonia.

By 28 September 1972 all the potential landing sites for the Viking Landers had been examined IN DETAIL by the Landing Site Working Group. Cydonia is “dropped” as a Potential Landing Site for Viking 2 Lander, BECAUSE of the Group sighting the “Face”. Viking Project Office directs that Cydonia be DROPPED as a Potential Landing Site because the Landing Site Working Group has started “asking questions”. All in the Landing Site Working Group are told to be silent on what they have seen.
A week or so later Hal Masursky recommends “a backflip” to Naugle (in a private handwritten communication) to include Cydonia once more. He cites the reason of “fossilised water” being possibly found there. This is true and accurate, but SECONDARY to Masursky’s recommendation…

By early 1973 Sagan is recruited and becomes a “Pawn” of Jimmy Martin and his Viking Project CIA “cronies”. Sagan attends the February 1973 Landing Site Steering Committee Meeting which is held in Langley, Virginia. He tells Masursky that the Viking 2 Lander landing sites should be selected based on radar imaging (which showed irregularities on the 10-cm scale) RATHER than photographic images. Hal Masursky again fights the influence from “the Top”, citing that atmospheric water will be found at the Cydonian site.

Masursky won’t back down, and as he has more influence with the “Science Steering Group”, he continues with the “water-angle” and convinces the Science Steering Group to back his selection of Cydonia as the PRIME LANDING SITE for Viking 2 Lander. Masursky succeeds, Sagan fails in his “sabotage-attempt”, and on 2 April 1973 the Science Steering Group makes the decision (on Masursky and his Group’s “recommendation”) to commit to LAND Viking 2 Lander at Cydonia. The Cydonia area is thus designated “B-1” or the PRIME LANDING SITE for the Viking 2 Lander, and the coordinates are announced to the Public on 7 May 1973 as 44.3 degrees N, 10 degrees.

(For further elaboration on the 3 years between this announcement and when the 35A72 Face is shown to the world, refer to my original article, 1989 – Paper form).
Suffice to say, Masursky watched and waited, meticulously planning how to “trick the tricksters”, by obtaining further photographic evidence of Cydonia before it can be censored by Jimmy at Langley. By the time 1976 comes around, he is “one step ahead of the CIA”…

Further Expansion:
Sagan, Masursky, Owen, Soffen, Martin – ALL the initial “main players” were involved with the Landing Site Selection of the Viking 2 Lander.
Briefly, Masursky "fed" Owen 35A72, and Owen "finds" the “Face” (ala Roswell Crash admission), BEFORE Soffen had a chance to CENSOR it. In other words - it WAS NOT meant "to see the light of day"...

Masursky knew EXACTLY what he was doing, he was releasing a photograph of Viking 2 Lander’s Landing Site to the public – albeit in a way that would haunt NASA up until this very day. Masursky received a severe scolding from Soffen and Martin (Viking Project Leader) for releasing this photo to the World. The hasty “cover-up” was as #house as the Roswell COVER-UP. Soffen tried to make it all go away, by saying that it was a trick of light. This tactic of propaganda and disinformation can only be compared to the Roswell crashed Craft becoming a “Weather Balloon”, overnight. That people bought this story at the time (including Hoagland) still staggers me…

“"Isn't it peculiar what tricks of lighting and shadow can do?" He added, "When we took a picture a few hours later it all went away; it was just a trick, just the way the light fell on it." Member of the press, Richard Hoagland, was present and accepted Soffen's explanation, just like all the rest of the press [Hoagland].

Soffen's explanation, however, was false. What he said was actually an impossibility because a few hours after the picture was taken, the Cydonia part of Mars, where the "Face" resides, was in shadow and no picture could be taken. [Hoagland]”

Continuing, from;
“July 25, 1976 (the 35th day of imaging by Viking 1 Orbiter): Toby Owen, an imaging team member, looks for a safe landing spot for Viking 2 (which reaches Mars on August 7). He comes across 35A72 received earlier that day. He sees what obviously looks like a human head and exclaims, "Oh my God, look at this!" [Hoagland]

I (still) take ISSUE with the dates above regarding when the image 35A72 was RECEIVED on Earth. The 35A72 image (and MANY others of the Cydonian Viking 2 Lander Site) were taken on 28 June 1976 (the 8th day of Mars Orbit!). The images were PLANNED and did not take ONE MONTH to reach Earth or to be processed. I have been constantly amazed at how the more “famous” Mars researchers have either ignored, glossed over or simply missed this fact. The reason that Owen “found the image” was that the images of "B-1" (Cydonia) were taken on Periapsis 9 (EARLIER than was scheduled). This was SOLELY due to Masursky’s “sneaky” and well-thought out “bypass” of “Imaging Targets”. He had planned this in 1973 and waited patiently for 3 years for the opportunity. Masursky “fed” 35A72 to Owen! It was not luck that Owen found 35A72…
Refer (from my Abstract);

“Hal Masursky asked David Scott to make a special hazard map for the B-1 site from the available Mariner 9 photographs of the Cydonia region. After sighting this map, Masursky become nervous. He directed that pictures of the B-1 site be taken on periapsis 9 (orbit number 9).

On 28 June 1976 The Viking 1 Orbiter’s cameras took their first (insert – “OFFICIAL”) photos of the Viking 2 Lander’s B-1 primary landing site at Cydonia from a height of 2050 kilometres above the Martian surface. Two photographs taken on 28 June 1976 were released to the public (the first was taken at 43degrees N latitude, 7.6degrees longitude, the second was taken at 42.4 degrees N latitude, 7.3 degrees longitude).”

These images were inadvertently “cyphoned off” to the LSS Team (as a result of Masursky’s 3 years of pre-planning for this moment), instead of going straight to the Jimmy Martin’s Viking Project Office in LANGLEY, VIRGINIA!

Now PAY ATTENTION people, for here is the coincidence to end all coincidences.
The “Face” Photo is shown to the World on 25 July 1976. As of this date Cydonia (where the “Face” is, is STILL the Landing Site for Viking 2 Lander, this has also already been announced to the World!) On THIS VERY SAME DAY Jimmy Martin’s “Spin-Machine” goes into overdrive…

From my Abstract once more;
"On 25 July 1976 Jim Martin told the press and public that the Viking 1 Orbiter’s mission objectives had changed and that:

“We’re going into an orbit which will allow us to spend some time observing three possible north latitudes. Two of them are known as B-1 and B-2. …We’ve spent a fair amount of energy looking for landing sites in B-1; so far we haven’t seen anything I would like to put an ellipse in.”

Note that B-1 is CYDONIA and that Jimmy TELLS the World that they have already "spent a fair amount of energy looking for landing sites in B-1", and that they are going into a subsequent Orbit to continue taking IMAGES and searching for a Landing Ellipse in B-1 and B-2! As I have established (way, way back in 1989). B-1 was Cydonia! Nobody else seems to notice Jimmy's comments made on 25 July 1976, they are all to caught up in the "Face" photo...

The "MASURSKY PYRAMID" (Named by Me - because I found it);
Look, bottom-left hand corner of Image;

[edit on 22-2-2006 by Ixataar]

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