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ET policy commission

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posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 09:04 AM
is it possible that our government has had the zero point energy (electrograviational propulsionary craft and reconosance drone) for as long as ive been alive and that they are responsible for numbers of text book UFO sightings around the globe? that they manifest their global policy towards a strict line of command governed by the intellegance gathering aspects of the advanced electrogravitational data gathering technologies. that they have been traded these technologies/sciences for the cooperation with the creation of a one-world government, that adheres to the intergallactic protocols of a one military, industrial, and economic system of rule over the world? an exclusive trade agreement with the top security level interactions of the intellengence council authority of the universe? our government is under special rule to institute and integrate advanced military technologies through out the globe, via enhanced trading commission levels of interaction on the part of the global communion. competing nations all being well aware of the expansive information awareness the more advanced data systems cull over the entire globe. all being brought together in the underground network of advanced communications all over the globe! with a broad facade of modern day industrial interactions forming a compartmented barrier between the real shadow government UFO affairs and the real life governmental nexus that ties together our working world. what do you guys think?

stay diligent and stay aware

good luck

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