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Project GST

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posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 03:37 PM
So does anyone have any ideas what this is all about ?
The NSA phone tapping was part of it but this article implies it's much deeper.

"The broad-based effort, known within the agency by the initials GST, is compartmentalized into dozens of highly classified individual programs, details of which are known mainly to those directly involved.

GST includes programs allowing the CIA to capture al Qaeda suspects with help from foreign intelligence services, to maintain secret prisons abroad, to use interrogation techniques that some lawyers say violate international treaties, and to maintain a fleet of aircraft to move detainees around the globe. Other compartments within GST give the CIA enhanced ability to mine international financial records and eavesdrop on suspects anywhere in the world."

Covert CIA Program Withstands Furor

Is this the beginning of a singularity ?
It sounds like the cancelled TIA (Total Information Awareness) DARPA project.

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