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Investigation into top secret chemical tests on a UK City

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 10:21 AM
The MoD (UK Ministry of Defense) carried out top secret tests on the population of Norwich during the 1960's. This involved spraying the population with a chemical called Cadmium which was dispersed from planes. Norwich has double the national average rates of oesophageal cancer. There's going to be an official investigation.

Local MP

Local Newspaper

Evening News

From the MoD

"The last recorded trial with dissemination from an aircraft was carried out in March 1963, when 68 kg of zinc cadmium sulphide was released from a Devon aircraft using a mechanical feed dispenser along a 62 mile track 24 miles upwind and south-west of Norwich. Other programmes, dated 1960-64, proposed dissemination by air at an unstated location (Programme 23/60) and over Cardington (Programme 2/61, 24/62 and 10/63), Netheravon (Programme 14/63) and Norwich (Programme 2/64) but details of these trials are not available."

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