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Interesting account from Soviet Russia, 1989

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 09:15 PM
Found this whilst wombling around on the net:

On the night of 2nd November, 1989 the air temperature dropped very suddenly to below freezing. Two professional Russian truck drivers, Oleg Kirzhakov and his companion Nikolai Baranchikov were driving their truck from near the area of Arkhangelsk to Moscow. They were hurrying home to finish all the formalities related to their business trip before the holidays. In the vicinity of Emtza railway station, the road was blocked by heaps of sand and gravel. The road in front of them was under repair and Oleg had to turn onto a dirt road to detour. On one bend in the road, the truck's headlights fell upon a huge structure, which was standing off to the right of the road.

"I thought it was some kind of construction equipment," said Oleg. "There were many machines there because the road was under construction. However, when I drove closer, I saw a big object, that in the headlights had a metallic sheen to it. When we got to within 80–90 feet of the object, our motor stalled, and our truck coasted several feet further and stopped. The headlights that were connected to the back-up power source were still on. My partner and I couldn't understand what had happened. The road at this point had a bend in it and trees on the right side of the road blocked our view of the object. We understood that we were seeing something very unusual in front of us, and were afraid that something unavoidable would happen. Hence, I asked Nikolai to remain in the truck and observe events while I approached the object. I left the cab and decided to approach the object to examine it more closely. After I had passed the hood of the truck, I began to feel, with each step I took, an increased resistance from the air. My body seemed to melt—it became difficult to move, and I knew that if I got any closer to the object, I would not be able to move at all."

Oleg turned back toward the truck and tried to approach the object from another direction. He moved carefully, stopping after each step. He felt the same, constantly-increasing resistance from the air. He succeeded in coming to within about 30–36 feet of the object. He stopped on the shoulder of the road and began to examine it very carefully. Very quickly, he came to the conclusion that this object was not of Earthly origin.
Truly, it was something very unusual. In front of Oleg, there stood a huge disc-shaped object, approximately 120–140 feet in diameter, with a dome-shaped top, on which no other structures were visible. Along the perimeter of the disc, there were some dark holes evident, which Oleg at first thought were portholes. Extending from the lower part of the object, there were two structures visible, which seemed to support the ship. The far edge of the disc was slightly elevated, and was resting on some birch trees, two of which were broken. The object looked dark and uninhabited and there were no traces visible of windows, doors or hatches


The Russian chap who describes the event seems to have encountered a different species of Alien than is normally reported. He describes them as "bags" or "masses", which makes me think of the Pleasure GELF's of the comedy show Red Dwarf:

posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 07:46 PM
I've read the report. Very interesting.

A lot of ET encounter reports I have come across give me the opinion that ETs are clouding human minds somehow from seeing part or all of them. In some reports, I've read of people seeing ETs that appear to have television-like censored faces, like blurs or mosaic patterns. For whatever reason, this makes me imagine that when reports are made of men seeing fuzzy black blobs, that they might not be the true form of the ETs witnessed. Censored for one reason or another.

In this particular UFO/ET encounter report, there is a lot of detail as to Oleg having his mind read and getting some type of text report visible only to him. To me this shows that ETs know the human mind well enough to potentially block our ability to see certain things.

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