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PDA's to manage students

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posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 09:14 PM
In a magazine supplement from Government Technology, Mobile Government explains how Wi-Fi enabled PDA's are being used by High school teachers to update and locate info on students.

Defywire's Mobile Guardian system will allow the teachers to instantly access and update students information on the PDA's.

Mobile Guardian makes it possible to check students, attendance records, class schedules, medical information, photographs, and grades.

Also it has the ability to report & track incidents and field trips, notify parents of a students activities, also record and track information that meets the government's No Child Left Behind mandates.

This information can be accessed at anytime, which is pretty helpful for teachers. Instead of going through paperwork and office problems, they can simply type it into their PDA's.

Is this the direction schools are heading? I know there are a lot of great benefits to this tech. but, how far will we go?

The principal of a British Columbia School who is implementing this system, comments, "We are not in fact upping the monitoring, we are changing the way in which our monitoring occurs.

Any comments, or thoughts on future security tech. in schools?


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