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Doomsday Dreams

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posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 09:23 PM
I did search this topic through ATS and couldn't found anything that matched this directly. This topic I would like to be spent on the dreams of members here who have had dreams about Doomsday. I have had two different dreams both different. Now I have never felt really strongly about such things but have always felt that there has to be something that we can tap into, well enjoy

First Dream:

I had to be around the age of 12 or so ( I am currently 16) and this dream really did scare me.

Its starts off by me walking around seeing the entire Earth looking like a dirt ball there was no longer anything on the entire surface of the planet besides humans. When suddenly I notice a giant purple pillar coming down from the sky hitting the earth. Many people began to ran towards it while others began to say that it was a trap and that we would die if we went to it. I guess I didn't listen cause I ran straight into it. I found myself in a single file line with thousands of people in it, winding around different things that I am no longer able to recall. Although the person in front of me was my best friend at the time.

As the line slowly progressed we reached a wall with a paiting on it and we were told to find a teapot...( I know wierd) The painting itself was purple all had all of these random lines. So finally we picked it out and we were as if going through the wall placed in another room. Where we had to resist food and drink, agian from this booming voice. We sat down at the table with what seemed to be 100's of people. And their was this giant snake spitting food out of its mouth and people eating. When it came to me I was asked what I wanted to have. I told the snake,"Nothing" and he immediatly ate me.

I now found myself in a small poorly light room with a giant jungle gym in it. And it was covered with spiders and cob webs and other stuff ( At that age I was deathly afriad of Spiders) and once agian the voice came to me and told me to reach the door on the otherside. So I ran as fast as I could trying to avoid any little amount of webbing I could when I reached the door and jumped into the hallway. I now seemed to be a on a street in what looked like to be Europe where I saw two family friends. I was then told once agian by this voice that I needed to help them in order to continue. Just as he ( it was a deeper voice so I can only assume it was a male) when the two people turned a corner into a shop just as I was going to call them out I woke up.

I know it was pretty lame, but it is still very detailed to me, to this very day so I assume that it holds some importance to my sub conscience.

The second dream occured a few months ago.

I was in what looked to be a very small mansion, when all of the lights when out, and then the sun seemed to have turned out, and I could hear thousands of screaming people saying "Its coming, its coming!" when a very powerful Earthquake started and I huge rock fell on me and killed me.
I always thought the ending was very funny when I woke up, but during the dream I was terrified. Anyways I know it was a long read but does anyone have any thoughts?

posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 10:02 PM
Dunno, personally, i don't think there's going to be any Doomsday of any sort.

Our civilization will end, but not in the way usually described: simply, our consciousness will evolve to a higher level, thus ending the civilization as we actually know it and starting a new one, a new way to live.

Maybe, in order for it to happend, there will be some kind of disaster or huge happening (a world war, natural calamities, ETs, the Second Coming, or who knows what); maybe many will die, or maybe not.
But, IMHO, the End Of The World should be instead considered as The-End-Of-The-World-As-We-Actually-Know-It.

posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 10:40 PM
I believe these dreams to simply be nightmares/dreams that are symbols to what was going on in your life at the time.

The fact that you needed to say "At the time" so much for the first dream makes this apparent enough for me - and while I can imagine the dream, and how it would be frightening, I think the colour purple, spiders, rejection of food and materials, and a feeling that you're under control (standing in line, forced to do things, etc) are definite indicators that this dream occured during a stressful time in your life.

As for the second - probably just a crazy dream... you're in a mansion and a rock falls on you

Trust me, I've had dreams about the future... unfortunately for me, they're always really boring dreams.

Most recent was just this Saturday - which was great, as it felt like I was starting to lose this ability (it's been happening with decreasing regularity since Grade 9 - I am now 2nd year University). I met with a person I only knew on the internet, and after a wargame we went to eat wings. Whilst we were talking, I realized that I had had a dream about that, with the content that we were talking about - but since I had never seen the guy, I had just assumed it was a regular dream at the time.

So while my "future dreams" may be rather pathetic - it does occasionally help. For example, in my dream, whilst we were talking, I ended up going on a tangent and really confusing him. An ability I was able to master in Grade 8 (whilst these future dreams occured with massive regularity to the point I almost hated it) was to change the outcome of what happened in my dream and what happens in real life. Thus, I was able to change what I said, and we finished our conversation.

I've got a lot to say on the subject of future dreams, since they've occured to me so many times in my life - even if the events I dream of and when they happen aren't that important. Their mere existance has allowed me to come up with an awesome theory for how the universe works.

For example - if I have these dreams, and they come true, wouldn't that mean that there's Fate? However, when the time comes, since I can CHANGE what happens - then that means there's no Fate. However, how could I possibly know what is going to happen 6 months to a year in advance? Especially with people's appearances that I have never met, or with places I had never seen?

The answer? Different quantum universes. Every action that can happen will happen. If a photon has a quantum probability (caused by when/where/what direction the emitting photon releases it at) of going through one slit or another, there is a seperate quantum universe where that, and only that, is different. Of course, since there are nearly an infinite number of quantum possibilities for the near-infinite number of quantum interactions that occur in our nearly infinite universe every day for a nearly infinite amount of time... that means there's an almost perfectly infinite number of universes out there. Also, don't forget that different quantum probabilities for those universes also take place (so, yes, there is a universe where Hitler took over... but there's also another one where he became the world's most popular talk-show host).

So when I have a future dream, my spirit has actually travelled to a similar quantum universe. Thus, I am actually seeing a PROBABLE future, rather than the ACTUAL future.


posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 09:18 AM
There's another forum here to discuss personal dreams and predictions:

This thread is being moved there.

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 07:22 PM

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