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cancer... have faith

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posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 06:20 PM
battling cancer is hard; i know ive had to;

i had germ cell cancer which is very very rare in girls;
i had a 36 lb tumor and a 24 lb tumor at the same time

i have been through chemotherapy
and have had a few surgeries.

chemotherapy is probably one of the hardest things i'll ever have to go through.

the taste of food is different
you loose your appitite.
it kills your immune system.
your apperence changes.

it changes your whole life style.

like when i was going through the chemotherapy i would spend a week inthe hospital for the chemotherapy and two weeks out of the hospital

and for 10 of those 14 days i had to get a shot called GCFS it helped build my immune system from nothing it costed about $2200 canadian for 10 days worth.

now for all those battling cancer or have someone close to their heart or friend just remember to have faith and be positive about everything
be strong
be happy
its the best cure.

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