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Be sober and watch...

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posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 01:14 PM
October 9, 2005
Inside a dream, I saw a matter of me being within a certain house. And within this house I saw I was being chased by lions, or that every room in which I tried to go, I saw these lions trying to come in. And I saw that I moved a bed in front of a doorway and then I moved on to another room, and see my son was with me. Now from that room I saw that they came on around towards the room I had gone to for it was like a bathroom. And I even try to escape through the windows, but was unable because the lions had found their way in to the rooms.

And see, in the dream also I saw that I had even killed some of the lions and I saw I killed them with my hands by twisting their necks it seemed. And the lions were not large yet medium or small sized and these were not very aggressive for they did not run after me but only walked to where ever I did go to escape. And see these were not female lions but males with the manes about their head.

And I did have my son with me and I opened up the window of one room even the blinds were pulled up and the screen exposed but before I had the chance to put my son without, these lions came on in somehow. And so, that is when I went to the bathroom and the window was small however I did open it as best I could and before I had the chance to pull off the screen that is when a lion walked on in through the door.


Now this dream upon waking reminded me of another dream which I had some time ago. And in that particular dream, I saw that I was walking within a maul (mall). And there were merchant shops I walked by and near and there were like steel railings that are held on to. And that is what I saw a lot of were those railings. But I saw within the place as I was a walking; many lionesses and they were everywhere. And I saw as though some men who were seemed to belong to a carnival or those carnies as they are called. And I saw some rings as are shown at circuses and these lionesses where all over the place. And I saw that I did try to escape before they all saw me and I saw that I walked into a room in the maul or through a door, in which I saw as though a mess of desks, those that are found at schools. And they were all over the place like heaps upon another. And I remember the fear of being in the lioness den for there were so many all over the place. And I’m not sure but may have been maybe one or so did see me within the room with the desks and that is when I believe I went to another dream of me walking upon tight ropes. And the tight ropes were stretched along as though towards entrances and exits of apartments or buildings and that was the only path or way to go was via the tightropes. And that is as best I can remember of that dream from some time ago.

“Be sober and watch, for your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist steadfast in the faith, remembering that ye do but fulfil the same afflictions which are appointed to your brethren that are in the world. The God of all grace, which called you unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, shall his own self after ye have suffered a little affliction make you perfect: shall settle strength and establish you. To him be glory and dominion for ever, and while the world endureth. Amen.”

of railings

narrow is the way which leadeth unto life

God Bless


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