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Sightings & Questions To The Croatian Air Force !!

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posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 09:49 AM
13 December 1997...
Pag-Island-Croatia coast
I don t know if you guys know about that sighting that happend 13 December
1997 in Croatia coast near place called Pag.
We have some "ball of light" sighting on that night,and also our air craft was
sent to intercept that balls, and also i have a audio clips of that radar trackin of police and one secret service voice to the end of that conversation saying :
quote:stop talking...

now you can read a request to the Croatian air force by my college
Giuliano Marinkovic
Office of Public Relations


Dear Title,

Boris Gnjidicc and I [Giuliano Marinkovicc] are contacting you
because "Natporuchnik" [rank under Captain] Franjo Ivicc from
the Public Relations unit of the Croatian Air Force has directed
us, to your office.

Our radio station Donat-Fm has decided to dedicate a show about
Strange Phenomena in the Sky [UFP - Unidentified Flying
Phenomena by classification] on the 12 September 2000. This show
will be based on the UFP sighted and witnessed above Pag Island
on the 13 December 1997, by various citizens of the Island and
also by Police officers from the 7th Police Station.

We are hoping with this request, to receive your help and
co-operation so we may better present the whole controversy
surrounding this case, plus the chronology of events, to our
listeners and the general public.

So, we need to know what the official stand of the Croatian Air
Force is on the points below:

1. Does the Croatian Air Force have any knowledge, of reports
from their Air monitoring/coordinating systems, concerning big
formations or/and groups of airplanes (4- 6) on the 13 December
from 19:00 hours to 22:00 hours? The Region we are particularly
interested in, is the widest area of sea between Pag Island and
the city of Zadar. If the Croatian Air Force does not have any
knowlegde, concerning a fly over by groups of airplanes, over
that particular area, does it then have knowledge of any type of
airplane, object or phenomena monitored at that time and place?

2. What is the official stand of the Croatian Air Force towards
the UFO phenomena [Unidentified Flying Objects] and the comments
made, on the historical fact, that research of this phenomena
has been going on in military departments of many countries from
the 1950's, for example the most famous project, is the American
Air Force - BLUE BOOK? Does the Croatian Air Force have any
knowledge of similar projects which may have been active in the
previous administration inside JNA ? [JNA = Yugoslav National
Army - Croatia had been until 1990 part of Yugoslavia, after
that gained her independence and now has its own army and air

3. Does the Croatian Air Force have an official stand on the
recently released study by the French Army - COMETA Report -
July 1999, which has been signed by French Generals, high
ranking officers of the French Army together with scientists. In
this study the team concluded that the UFO is a real phenomena
and that the best hypothesis to explain it, is the one which
refers towards extra-terrestrial craft and their physical
impact, on the surroundings and military equipment (radar
detections, power cuts, traces on the ground etc)? A large
article about this study has been recently published in the
American mainstream paper THE BOSTON GLOBE where journalist
Leslie Kean writes about military implications of this study.

Our wish is to have a telephone guest, possibly from the
Croatian Air Force - Public Relations office who is able to
respond to and give answers to these questions. The timeline for
when our show will be broadcasted is 12 September 2000, approx.
22 hours. We are able to set up a telephone conversation at a
time you find convienient, record it and re-broadcast later
during our show. If that is unsuitable or is not possible,
please inform us, so we could agree on the reception of your
official stand via a FAX message (in written form).

Please reply to this request by Monday 11 September 2000 so in
that way we can generate the structure of our show in real time.
If you are unable answer at this request, then please send us
your official answer and reasons why it is not possible.

Please contact us at the following numbers:

Telephone: 023/313-522
Fax: 023/313-904

Ask for Boris Gnjidicc or Giuliano Marinkovicc. If we are not
availalbe at the moment, please leave a message or you can try
to contact us at the home number of Giuliano Marinkovicc which
is 023/430-970)

Best regards:

Giuliano Marinkovicc
Show Editor
Radio station DONAT-FM
Obala Kneza Branimira,12
23000 Zadar


On Monday, 11 September 2000, we received the following FAX
message from the Croatian Air Force for our radio station:

11/09 '00 13:21 385 48 61 151 Z HRZ1PZO OOJ1I 001



Zagreb, September 11. 2000.
Radio "DONAT-FM"

Dear Mr Marinkovicc

We are honoured with your request concerning our participation
in your show, on strange phenomena in the sky. Unfortunately it
is not possible to insure a personal appearance, of a Public
Relations representative of the Croatian Air Force and Air
Defence to speak in your show, but we are hoping that this memo
will answer all your questions in a satisfactory way.

With a wish to answer your questions constructively, we are
stating this: that the role and mission of the Headquarters and
formations of Croatian Air Force and Air Defence, have precise
definitions and they are constructed from control (monitoring)
of the air space above and near state teritory of the Republic
of Croatia. In that sense, every un-announced flight or
appearance of any object in the air space over the Republic of
Croatia is the subject of interest and certain actions of the
Croatian Air Force units. So, Croatian Air Force interests are
based only on those "air" phenomena which can be detected with
our systems of monitoring and if the nature of them is
representating threat to our air space, there are powers and
measures which the Air Force uses for that kind of threat.

Croatian Air Force's job is also composed of: keeping in fight
readiness, extinguishing fires, transport of the sick, injured
people and re-organization. There is not a single person or body
which has been set up with the mission to research sky phenomena
on the theory- scientific level.

We understand your curiousity about our knowledge and
operational possibilities and the radar system characteristic of
formations from Air Monitoring and Coordinations, but there are
interests from someone else too, so please accept our decision
why we are unable to answer those kind of questions.

In the ten years that we have existed, pilots and flyings crews
have not reported encounters or sightings of the sky phenomena
[UFO] and if it was to ever happen there is no reason why the
general public wouldn't know about it. When it was still the
Yugoslav Air Force, there were known cases when
fighters-intercepters had been scrambled at objects which had
been spotted from ground observers, but later it was concluded,
that it was nothing more than clouds or meterological balloons
which are released in great numbers daily, into the atmosphere
world wide and because of the reflections from the light, sun
and altitude it is hard for the ground observers to judge
correctly, so those objects get a UFO classification.

We wish you success in your work! Regards,

1 star General

I have also a video clips of some witnesses in that night...
Stay tuned...

posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 02:03 PM
one thing, now i was little when this happend but could this have anything to do with the eclipse that happend years ago, i think it may have been in 1997, to tell you the truth i honestly dont know, but when it happend there were astrological phenomenons that night, like comests and ofcourse the eclipse. i dont no if that plays into anything.

posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by ATSGUY
one thing, now i was little when this happend but could this have anything to do with the eclipse that happend years ago, i think it may have been in 1997, to tell you the truth i honestly dont know, but when it happend there were astrological phenomenons that night, like comests and ofcourse the eclipse. i dont no if that plays into anything.

No!.this is nothing to do with elipsec cuz dose object was a ball of lighi that traveler on some intelegent path..
comests and another astrological phenomena don"t travel on intelegent
path or line.


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