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What created the creator?...

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 08:05 AM
I know this might be somewhat understood that we all are somewhat evolved but not from a cell in water. The theory now is of ID and Creation as the two are different they both share the same idea of mind. Life is so complex even to the most nominal form of exploration by humans; it is a jump of faith to believe we were just evolved, although any belief is possible. Now I have the big question who made the aliens for ID and or who made the gods that made us. In some beliefs no one questions the Belief of God, but with the ever rising new belief in ID what can come next. I have always had the question what was it like before there was us, are we the first group of creations or has it always just been us, but that’s not my confusion mine is what created what some believe created us. What is there to believe or think? Is it really worth it to wonder this deep with the way society is pulling so much interesting effects to the table?

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 08:43 AM
you should read some early hindu writing they have some really interesting thoughts on creation...eveything from a sleeping creater god who dreams us up and then we are destroyed when he wakes (only he does have to sleep again which is one reason they believe that our life cycle is never ending) a theory that wwe once had all the technology we have now but ended up destroying ourselves( much like the lost city of atlantis) and the technology too basically having to start over like cavemen.......wether you believe this stuff or not it is intersting to read and from your post you seem like your open minded enough and would probably enjoy reading it wether its true or not.......

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 12:20 PM
Nobody knows, since we're all here in the now.

Now, beginning, end, are all refereces to time.

It is my guess that the forces that placed us here are able to enter and exit time. Outside of time there would be no begining or end - it just IS.

If you were in a 2 dimensional world, you might only know up, down, left and right. There is no way to comprehend forward and backwards as you've never seen it. We are in a world where cannot comprehend it without time. This is what I think.

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 06:18 PM
Circular logic rocks! =) There is no way of avoiding circular logic when we discuss the origin of everything. No matter what name you give it whether its "science" or "God" it's logical to ask what came before that. So you can't address this question with the same logical mentality you would use to address anything else. Nothing came before the first thing. Even calling what simply is to be a first thing is a fallacy. To come to terms with that feels like giving up in ways, but it's a starting ground for the answers that follow.

As far as what created Mankind? Possibly aliens. What created the aliens then?...possibly other aliens. What created the Universe? Perhaps the Multiverse. What created the Multiverse?...I think you see where I am going with this
Circular logic is unavoidable regardless of your stance (ID/Evolution).

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posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 08:18 PM
simple but of course very complex I think as Lucid Lunacy said logiic and human consciousness will try and grasp what came first...well said...

However If we take one scientific principle as a basis that is well proven... that is a big bang from nothing sprangand created this universe.... Whatever caused that a Diety/God or ID (ID operating on the mechanical universalistic level i.e that because of finely and seemingly beyond coincidence Mathemitical Constants in the universe, allows it initialy to exist in the first place!!!!
lol) from that nothing it expanded and we know that in the expanded bit of everything we occupy (ie just our universe whats outside that?) that in this reality Time is inextricably linked to the speed of light (just think black holes etc)... which is just energy/matter.

Einstien ie relativity makes it simple really. You need mass/energy in seperate locals of a universe/place/reality for time to exist.

Therefore using very very circular logic
before we(on the large scale we being this universe from incepton) existed, no matter,energy was present as it initially sprang from nothing (even if that was a dreamtime of a God!) no matter/energy = no time.

Therefore there was nothing or maybe just a nothing in a cycle of nothings and then things!

Which could infer that that if no time existed god/creator couldnt until his work manifested in the actual universe as it....and ultimately us!!! never deny the gods in yourselves?

However you could also infer from this that Time created god!

Only joking!




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