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Amazing disappearing DC-4

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posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 10:18 PM
I know there are members here with far more experience and have read far more on the subject than I, so I'm asking for help.

Back in 1947, in the sighting that started it all, Kenneth Arnold mentioned a DC-4 he saw 15 miles from his position. What ever happened to that aircraft?

I assume since he referred to a DC-4 instead of C-54 or RD5, he knew, or at least thought, that it was a commercial airliner. According to what I've read recently, though, there were only around 70 "real" DC-4s in the whole world in 1947, the rest (over a thousand) being military models.

Apparently Arnold didn't mention the DC-4 until his written report sometime after the event. In that report he says he saw the DC-4 to explain how he calculated the distance to the objects he saw, but then it disappears from his account. It was flying west to east, he says, the same direction he was travelling. A plane that cruises at 150 knots faster than his should have overtaken him in the next few minutes, I would think.

Anyway, the only independent reference to the DC-4 I've found cites a news release which I can't find:

"The pilot of a DC-4 that was twenty miles away reported nothing unusual could be seen."
"Pilot Says He Saw Big 'Saucers' Fly Over West Coast — Officials Skeptical of Report of 1200 Mile-an-hour Object," St. Louis Post Dispatch, June 26, 1947.
Resolving Arnold -- Part I
also cited at

and might not even exist. This is (supposedly) the entire Post-Dispatch article of June 26, 1947:

Pendleton, Ore., June26 (AP)
Army and Civil Aeronautics Administration spokesman expressed skepticism today over a report of nine mysterious objects-as big as airplanes-whizzing over western Washington at 1,200 miles an hour.
But Kenneth Arnold, a flying Boise, Idaho, buisinessman who said he timed them by his plane clock, clung to his story of the shiny, flat objects, each as big as a DC-4 passenger plane, racing over the Cascade Mountains with a peculiar weaving motion "like the tail of a kite."
An Army spokesman commented: "As far as we know, nothing flies that fast except a V-2 rocket, which travels too fast to be seen."
This was based on a somewhat longer AP release.

Is there any contemporary report which accounts for the DC-4 or a site which discusses it?


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