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Bush - Nukes -Atoms - Mexico

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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 01:50 AM
What I see is unclear at times but I try to understand more by each passing day. I of course don't wish harm on anyone and have no relations to any sort of groups and I feel the need to state that as if anything was to come true. As I have read people getting detained for predictions for obvious reasons of thinking involvement.

Anyway here is some latest dreams/deep thoughts/predictions

Something about Mexico I must go to Mexico? I must save Mexico? I Love Mexico. I am not sure if this is meaning for something else but I kept this thought in my mind all day yesterday as I really love the country and feel many people are of pure heart there. I am not sure if something was to happen there or hear in the us that would make people flee into Mexico. The thought was strong and I don't know what to do with the thoughts. My goal of this is if any of my thoughts are true I most continue my research but hopes of positive change.

I have had very odd ones about George Bush being an Anti Christ I seen him morphing faces, the faces I seen I recogonized like the news anchor Koppel or Jennings it was very odd. I also saw someone try to hurt George Bush or George Bush getting mad to expose his powers over the US.

Past weeks I had a like vision of these circular items with nuclear like symbols on them and I believe the color was yellow. I don't know if they were missles or what but the symbol was vivid but its hard to remember now. I belive some sort of tri angle.

Last week I had a thought that kept repeating something about north and south? I was not sure what this meant all I could think of was the US north and south? Or maybe Canada?

I go on gut of thought. Some people remote view or claim to for fun or work however I try to use feelings,thoughts etc to gain information about the bad happening than I try to spend large amounts of time in meditation or prayer to help stop evil forces.

One of my feelings was to check something the other day which I ended up reading about the stone that fell on the supreme court under the "order" figure. I took this as a sign for things to come.

Remember thing Good and it will be Good we sit on positive powers of the mind we could be using in place of discussions.

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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 03:03 AM
I think I got it. North Korea and South Korea for north and south. Nuclear symbol for North Korea. Maybe North Korea launches nukes on Mexico and South Korea? The news reporters, koppel and jennings are there to report. You might have predicted the future. As for Bush getting mad I have no clue. Maybe Bush gets mad so he launches nukes also? I dunno about him, but everything else I have made a good guess.

posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 08:46 PM
I am not sure really. Its like a combonation of feelings really. Its so hard to tell. I try to feel around in a medative state of mind but at what point am I letting my mind wonder mindlessly is the question. I belive if some of the thoughts are not literal they are at least figurative, but for what,where and most important when?

Its funny last night I heard that dip Bill O'Reilly on the news say yes we areWorld War III and when we return we might make a beliver out of you yet. I was like WTF man. Than today I heard him talking about God. I don't usually watch his show but people seem to be seeing something that or I just focus on on people of the giving subject due to my current frame of thoughts.

I guess nothing more than we shall see really. I just hope it all stops.

*Edited censor cirumvention.*

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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 09:05 PM
The O'Reily factor is Republican bias. He is always talking with Republican political people. Now he is talking about God which makes sense because most Republicans are christian. I am not saying this is bad but I am not saying its good either. Fox News also supports the Republican party. I think for money from them.

Anyway maybe your seeing Bush do a little "midnight madness". What I mean by that is he is trying to do everything he wanted to get in such as laws or whatever, at the last minute. Why I call it midnight madness is because when John Adams was president he appointed several "midnight Judges" for the supreme court.

posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 11:18 PM
Good point. I like how that peace fell off the supreme court under order I swear when I saw that I had the biggest damn feeling of I don't know what.

Anyway after Katrina and the gas prices were going way up I was think damn I bet these pricks are gonna get Alaska now and have a nice investement for the future. Well they passed it super fast while so many people were going broke at the pump they got what they wanted while we were down. Maybe its not a bad thing we tap for oil in the US but I think they have so many interconnected business ties with big money big oil it is just wrong to do that. I could never imagine having such motivation if I was in such a spot of power. Heck I feel bad when someone at a store gives me to much change and I don't say anything :Z

Ah I am interested to see what happens through 2006 I just hope I can find a safe place to watch from the sidelines.

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