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My Stance

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posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 09:55 PM
no I'm not new, just need to talk.

I’m an American. I was born in Boston and lived in America all my life.
I did 4 years voluntary military service. 1992-1996 right out of high school.
I was in VF-41 black aces. An F-14 squadron.
Saw some of the world.
Jebel Ali, Dubai, Ireland, England, israel, Greece…it doesn’t really matter.

I was born catholic…I’m currently agnostic.
Both my parents are catholic, my mom says she is a catholic with a small C though…lol

Because I choose to be.
I was given the “it”. The choice to believe and do whatever I want.
No brainwashing, no “this is right and that wrong”, just some guidelines and figure it out….

I’m irish, scottish, newfoundlander and mutt.
None of my relatives seem to know what that mutt is so it’s mutt to me.
I’ve heard Lithuanian, polish, American Indian and everything under the sun
Not really a big deal.

Ya know how I fix the world over here?
I vote.
I pick the best of 2 goons to run my country.
(well and everything else they let me vote on)
That’s it.

I could really care less.
I have about as much influence on Bush Co. that I have on Iran.

I’m not going to learn to fly, so I can smash into Dubai’s huge tower, I’m not going to blow myself up for anyone either.

Cause I could really give a #.

Politics are left to politicians.
That’s why we vote for them.

I still want to see a “If they both suck, can I get 2 new guys to vote for?” clause though…lol


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