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Friends of the CIA, Beware.

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posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 01:44 AM
EU Justice Commisioner Franco Frattini has declared that EU nations that host secret CIA prison camps will be put under sanctions, this to the extent that their EU voting powers will be revoked temporarely untill the nations remove the CIA camps from their land.
Franco Frattini said the consequences would be "extremely serious" if reports of such prisons turned out to be true.

This comes amid an EU investigation into claims the US secret service ran clandestine jails in eastern Europe.

In the case of Romania, a senior Euro MP has questioned whether its accession to the EU should go ahead as planned.

The US has refused to confirm or deny the reports of secret jails, which surfaced in the US earlier this month.

Speaking at a news conference in Berlin, the EU Justice Commissioner said he would call for tough penalties against any involved state.

It is very, very important to get the truth

Franco Frattini
EU Justice Commissioner
"I would be obliged to propose to the Council [of EU Ministers] serious consequences, including the suspension of voting rights in the council," he said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The EU admits that there is currently no solid evidence of any locations or other specifics concerning these prisons, but I'm pritty sure that with this declaration by the EU Justice commisioner, the US will likely dismantle these camps and move them elsewhere.

I'm pritty sure that if this was done in some sort of official way, the EU nation could posibly tolerate these camps, but that this is going on in secret on their soil is unacceptable.

Before there are any US citizens that thing this is rediculous. Think about this. How would you like it and how would the US Govt react if they found out that there is an elite squad of EU agents that, without any official mandate or request to the US goverment, established a high security camp somewhere in the US, where they would hold prisoners of all kinds, posibly torture them. What if these agents were armed to the teeth and swifted away people from the US to these camps of theirs, without the US's prior knowledge? I'm pritty sure neither the US govt as the US people would like that the least bit.

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