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How can america become politically better?

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posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 10:48 PM
I know I'm a big-"#1" type of BSB fan(if you count my deeds on the net as something),but I've been trying(with my own money and shopping), studying constitutional law as best I can. I was wondering

1: Is "Federal Law" =De Facto Law, like Charles Weisman wrote in his book "The De Facto Goverment of The United States"?

2: If by us all educating other people with similar intrests outside of ATS, going make a difference(because I know it has for me,now I'm meeting CTs on BSB boards now.)?

3: How could get normal people, who find law "over their head" to understand when something is illegal from the goverment, when we have no major access to a newsletter, TV, or other media?

4: Do you think people will rebel, and that all Americans will "fix" america(so that partisanship becomes a thing of the past and america's goverment is more like austria)?

5: Is income tax illegal, becasue Gene v. Heneman?

Here are some websites to help:Constitutional Law for newbies, For those who are lawyers/law students, The Cases for those who don't get it


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