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The path to pwnage

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posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 10:22 AM
From this site

Tehis site iz teh pwnage. CHeq it ot!!!1!

1. Deride everyone you just sucked up to in the local electronics store

2. Never ever buy novelty computer products ... including
# Homer Simpson Mousemat
# A mouse-holder that sticks on the side of your monitor
# A CD-Case for anything less than 300 discs
# New Floppy Disks (Any floppy disks must be at least 10 years old)

3. Only have one of four types of Desktop Background

Do's - Plain Black, Dark Purple, Hilary Duff or a Ferrari Enzo

Donts - 'Red Moon Desert' Wallpaper or the Default Windows Theme

4. Live your tortured life through MSN titles

5. Never use any screen resolution under 1280x960

6. Don't use the services which come with your PC or ISP

(eg Never use Earthlink, MSN or IE, juz cuz it's easier doesn't make is pwn)

7. Have complete confidence in your system.

Buy F.E.A.R. without looking at the specs and when it chugs on your comp sell it on EBay

8. Avoid embarrassment by not having to know when to use computing units

Gigabytes != Kilomegabytes

9. Don't stick your tongue out when you're browsing web sites

10. Finally the one key rule about being a master of home computing

Never play Minesweeper. This will blow your cover before you even start.

For full effect click the link above.

posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 10:03 PM
In my opinion, the real computer expert doesn't give a rat's patootie what anyone thinks of his peripheral and accessory tastes. I know this is supposed to be satirical and I do get most of it, but the part about screen resolution leaves me shaking my head. I think it must be true what he's saying. When I worked for the state the recommended resolution for the proprietary programs we ran was so small that I needed binoculars to see the print and left most of the screen unused. I ran at 600x800 or some such unless I was on a screen that wouldn't accommodate it at all. What's so wrong about using a resolution that makes good use of your monitor size and has legible print? Does that make too much sense?

Anyway, here's my wallpaper sans icons. It warms my heart, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

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