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the Harsh Reality ' warning post may offend some people '

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 07:16 PM
anyone here, who is a true 'patriot', and believes your following your leaders path to rightousness ( Im talking to you america ) then its not a good idea you read this post!
This is your warning!


HOW could the USA have had THAT Much BAD iNTELLEGENCE?
We Have SATELITES that hover over Baghdad prior to the GW

Weve know SINCE then, this was the oil country worthwhile in attacking later down the road...
'How convenient for me to get my SON in power... i can cook the books at the CIA, pull some strings with my connections on the supreme court.
Then ASSIST them in duping the public, and gaining access to that beautiful peice of territory through extreme military action'

back in 1992, if this website existed and I posted that as a POSSIbLE Scenario, you'd say
"NO WAY, Never happen, under what CIRCUMStANCES could the American PUBLIC POSSIBLE support something so OBViOuS?"

Well holy CRAP.. look how we ended up 14yrs later..

The sons in power,
the fathers still player powerfules roles... and has been updated since he left office.... DAILY
We amassed the largest force since ww2, and totally anhiliated a country
we've removed there leaders,
we've setup shop

Its just to good to be true If I were in the government.

the Key?

Terrorism was RIFE in the 90's, on US interests... compared to the 20-30yrs earlier..
deadly attacks on marine bases in beirut, saudi arabia, the bombing of panam, 93 trade centre, oklahoma city, Khobar towers.

ramzi yousef had detailed plans of his DESIRE to hit the trade centres with AIRCRAFT in his laptop when he was caputered by pakistani police
ramzi himself had been recieving many payments from.. bin laden
And the governments knew this.

I mean how could, the super power not REALISE KNOWN TERRORISTS on the watchlist are training in USA FLIGHT SCHOOLS?
then even had fbi agents tracking them, but conveniently the officers reports of irregular activity at ' flightschools ' went 'unheard'

but the US Government had been informed ramzi yousefs plans were in action, and it was only a matter of time before they attempted there plot.

Thats why George Bush was stunned in that classroom
Someone just handed him a golden ticket on a silver platter.
I can imagine it
must of been running through his head.

think about it, they said they had no real POSTIRAQ plan..
what the hell were they expecting?

then again, how could you plan on running things, especially after you walk in , murder thousands, destroy the buildings and take control.. hitler couldnt even do it.. he just destroyed it on his way to the next country..

One question.. how big has that American Trade DEFECIT become now?
What is Bush's approval rating?

How completly deluded, have the people still believing what they see on tv?
Is anyone really SURPRISED that its coming to light bush planned on hitting aljazeerah?

I doubt anyone really is... becuse in the space of 10yrs.. these people pulling the strings have managed to convince the public, that it is OK and acceptable for the US to bomb this place, afterall they are showing us the 'dead bodies, and charred buildings they are causing....

we cant have the public seeing that..
that would get them angry, that we managed to trick them into FOLLOWING us into this situation.

We'd better hit them again, that'll gain there support.. they'll then understand that its not just conevnient for us to have this oil rich nation, especially when mother nature, can mess with us and cause MASS OUTAGES?... and what about those prices..

Which when you think about it, prolly does seem a bit suspicous
that daddy was close.... and i mean ' close ' to the saudi's.. the oil rich moneygiving powertrader
and that the Vice president happens to be the ' former ' director of halliburton.

nah that's all in the past isnt it..
couldnt possibly have any connections.. to them oil firms..
well maybe just a lil.

So lets review the news today from the whitehouses point of view huh ?
nah, no need to over do it..

Im sure your reading the same headlines from CNN, N FOX that im watching in great amazement.

What a total mess the United states of America has created for the middleast.. and itself.

theyve managed to create a Globally RECOGNISED BATTLE ARENA where insurgents from all the bad parts can come and totally mess this worlds economy and trade up.
Cause lets face it, if american dies in terms of trade, production, work, $, stockexchange, tourism, PUBLiC SERVICES
the whole world will pretty much change as we know it.

and the really bad part... is there's no way they are going to be able to leave, because we made sure the entire world had a front row seat into it.

Americas own making will be its undoing.
this small inconvenient problem the gullables of america are watching on TV are hiding the fact, this is a serious problem, that your government has know wat to stop.

sorta like the romans...

dont all great empires crack from within?

C'mon, we've just allowed Nkorea to openly admit they have nuclear weapons. When in the world PrIOR to 1989 would we of EVER allowed a country like this to publically state they have weapons.
the iranians are also hot on it heals.

anyways, hope i didnt upset too many of you ATSERS,
this website rulez!

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 10:07 PM
I, along with probably what...99% of everyone on this site see what you're saying & understand it.

the problem, is not why is being let happen, it is that the American people have forgotten how to fight it, have lost interest in fighting it, & soon enough, will not be able to fight it.

The reason we won't be able to fight it? Because we as US Citizens will be labeled terrorists soon enough, if we stand & fight against these things you'r pointing out, that we all here know already. Voting them out of office won't work, look at the 2000 & 2004 elections, bought & paid for by big ole Dubya & his daddy, & their oil riches, & Dubya's daddy connections with the CIA, the Illuminati, Masons, & Bilderberger group, essentially said, the whole friggin NEW WORLD ORDER.

So, what are we to do to stop it? I ask you a simple enough question. We can't vote them out, it's all bought & paid for, we can't shoot them bastards on Capitol Hill (Oh sure we could, it would be quite fun, but being arrested is no fun, darn party pooping Police & FBI), we can't stage a protest rally, it will be called a terrorist action soon enough. What exactly can we do?

I Myself, plan on becoming a Cop, then going up the ladder, trying to get into politics so I can do something, anything, to stop it.

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 10:32 PM
there's nothing we can do.
I just am amazed people out there dont see it for what it is.

nothing we can do,
we have become our own worst enemy because we created a civilization where eveantually someone curropt will come along, and be in a powerufl enough position, not to have any threats.


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