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Two Turkish Planes Had To Make Emergency Landings

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posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 09:35 PM
One plane (MD-83) was flying from Istanbul to the northern Turkish city of Trabzon with 124 passengers on board. It had to land in Ankara after the cockpit window cracked. The other plane (Airbus 321) was flying en route from Zurich to Istanbul with 80 passengers and had to make an emergency landing in Budapest, Hungary after a "bomb alert". They investigated the plane but didn´t find any bomb. Two Turkish emergency landings related to Istanbul... isn´t that odd?

Turkish plane has to land after cockpit window cracks (Published: 10/26/2005)

Turkish Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Budapest (Published: 10/26/2005)

No Bomb Found On T.H.Y. Plane (Published: 10/26/2005)

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