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Real: Raree Pons&Tiny spacemen->Small is Efficient

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posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 11:02 PM

  1. Naree Pons or pod people, grow from a type of tree where the fruit growing from a flower bud would grow on a normal tree. They have the skeletal structures of human/alien (A failed genetic experiment?).
  2. The recent occurrences of small humanoid peoplethat are found nearly dead or sick on the ground has increased over time, perhaps due to increasing housing areas.

Here’s some ATS threads with pictures etc, its graphic be warned you’ll see skeletal and tissue dehydration. Not for children.

ATS tiny gray dying of thirst

Another similar occurance [url=]click

Yet another occurance, this time you can tell the skull is not pushed in, and it is larger in the back, far more than a normal humans skull is.
Click next image -> for another 12 angles

Another naree pic

Post with what you think, I'm mainly linking these issues, and my theory is they modified a tree genetically (assuming whoever changed the trees to have genetic infusion technology). And decided they could produce life forms from the trees in silence on the same world the tree grew, almost mocking evolution in its efficiency.

The last part of my theory is about how if the offsping of one of these trees matured, the creators of the tree could use it (Mind control, or some sort of living as that creature) on this world. There is also evidence of tiny people cities in ancient culture.

Here is a dead one, in some kind of sucked in skin, maybe the byproduct of its own fluids over time.


This is the link to the tiny spaceman


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posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 11:36 PM
That creature in the first link is a plant. When the plant dies, it regularly carries an odd creature like appearance.
It and others like it have come up on ATS before. I'll try and do a search for it here.


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