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Anyone else out there ???

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posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 12:56 AM
Ok, I'm no good at keeping secrets, so here it is,
I'm Pregnant!!!!!.
Just confirmed today, and I should have a little bundle of joy about July 2006. Am I the only one here? Anyone else giving birth anytime soon?
I already have a 2 and a half year old, who is potty trained, so it should be all good.
I am so emotional now though... There were a bunch of kids that are about 10-12 years old who created a drum and marching team, and as I watched them practice, I said to a strange lady, that that was the hope of our future, and I lost it. I'm serious, I don't cry for anything, I have always been Ms.Tomboy,soldier girl, but now Im a mess!

I was watching horses perform dressage(horse ballet) and it made me all emotional, even the thought of my cat being lonely made me sad!

I wasn't like this the first time, I had one day of morning sickness and that was it(although I had some rather nasty heartburn). I think I'd take that anyday over this! On top of that Im starting to feel like a broken out, backachy, cankled, bloated mess:shk:
Hormones are some messed up things, although the end result will be well worth it

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 01:04 AM
Congratulations denial28.

I'm done baby making. Let us know all the news as it happens.

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 01:40 AM
Thank you
no probs we have 9 months!lol If this is a boy then trust me the tubes is getting tied! I have already told him, one more and i was done
Being we had a girl first, we had to try for another one..

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 10:18 AM
P.S. If the kid is born on the Fourth of July, I would suggest using these two nicknames. Boomer if it is a boy(my nickname) or Sparkles if it is a girl.

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 10:30 AM

When the time comes you can start a thread asking for baby names. Who knows what the members will come up with! We might surprise you with a name you really like.


posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 10:42 AM
all the best to you
hope its a boy, maybe then you can call him fox lol


posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 10:45 AM
Congratulations denial28.


posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 11:36 AM
how wonderfull!!!!!!!

Congrat and i wish you all the best through the next 9 months,
keep us updated on how you are

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 01:19 PM
Thanks Guys, and trust me I Hope it's a boy too! I already have a little girl.
Although she's a little ruffian too. ONly problemis if its a boy, we have to name him after his dad. They're big on the Juniors seniors, etc.
I just hope that I don't get twins!

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