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(NEWS) Selective Charity?

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posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 10:19 PM
A controversy is brewing in Ireland recently over the selective use, or rather lack of use of resources in aiding disaster victims. While quick to offer both resources and cash to the flood-stricken residents of New Orleans, the government seems slow to offer similar assistance to the survivors of the earthquake in Pakistan.
Ireland Today: A strange sense of priorities

You may remember that in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the Taoiseach offered to send to the US up to 30 members of the Defence Forces equipped with water purification units, emergency rations and enough tents to provide shelter for 500 people. These resources, although assembled, were never used. When the extent of the tragedy in Pakistan became clear I waited expectantly to hear that the specialists and their supplies were on their way to Kashmir. When nothing happened I sought an explanation from the Government Press Office but that wasn't forthcoming. Each day on RTÉ's Morning Ireland programme we hear updates on the rescue efforts and for more than a week now the common theme is the need for more tents. There is still no word of Irish military personnel and their tents heading for Kashmir. What I find even more surprising is that there is no media or political outcry that what we were prepared to do for those in need in the US we are not prepared to do for those in Pakistan, where the need is even more pressing.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

In the recent spate of natural disasters to befall the planet, one of the most heartening things been seen is the natural generosity of the human race.

Wherever disaster struck ordinary people from around the world did their bit to aid those in need. The Irish people were no different.

However, is this recent "selective" charity a sign of charity fatigue or something worse?

The offer of 1 million Euros to the U.S., Ireland's main source of jobs, was laughed off the parliment floor recently. It was seen as pathetic to donate to a country quoted as being "already awash with millionaires".

When the U.S. rejected the offer of help the equipment and men lay idle and still do, despite the mounting cries for help from Pakistan.

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