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Fact or Fiction alien communication?

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posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 01:32 AM
Please read the whole bit sorry if this is general of lacking detail as I have not been deep into the subject.

Is it a common theory that chemtrails are used and can block part of the elctromagnetic spectrum? I have seen distorted chemtrails as if they were being used to sense electromagnetics that maybe a electronic device could not pick up.

With that said if aliens are real and communicated via ESP if you will. Would ESP be considered electromagnetic wave or speculated to be in the electromagnetic spectrum?

Also if you are familar with people claiming that they had ESP messages sent to them what is the typical theory given as to why or what the message contained?

A sidenote of thought: People see God as a superior being, People see aliens as a superior being. If alien ESP would be transmited via electromagnetic wave of sorts wouldn't prayer/power of prayer or communication to or from God be considered to be the same? As like the MIT psychic controlled video game is mind controlled by a some sort of electronic signal in the mind is it not? The point being would the Gov not be a form of Antichrist or Antialien if they tried to block out communication of something superior to the everyday man?

I also read in a Gnostic text I belive that it stated man will try to take over the moon as well as man not giving information about things from above. I forgot the exact words I will try to find the text but it seemed to make sense with the moon visit and as well as an alien visitor or angel depending on beliefs I guess both are the same if from above and superiorly evolved really.

Also I find it very similar and interesting that in religion you have a second coming and evolution of people to heaven as you have the more scientific approach of 12 strand DNA completion within people.

posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 01:48 AM
Might I suggest that you go with one topic at a time before your head explodes? You have several different theorys bundled in there. Lets start with one and go from there. I wont get into chemtrails as thats been done time and time again.

My aunt is one of these people who claim to communicate with god via ESP. I've talked to her about this several times and had several very indepth talks about it. This is what she has told me about it. From her view its an out of the blue type of thing. She could be doing anything and suddenly she will "hear" audibly hear her name spoken out. Now this right of the bat is different from most accounts I have heard in the the fact that this is not something she see's in her mind. Ok moving on... If she does not answer it will repeat itself until she does answer.

Her answers according to her can be either outloud or thinking the answer. At this point she can have an open dialogue with this being. Their topics range all over the spectrum but usually they fall with in two areas. And thats the fortelling of a problem with herself, a friend, or a family member. And general discussion.

This being seems to have the utmost knowledge of all her friends and familys down to the peticular illness or problems in their lifes and on several occasions it has given advice to remedy the issue.
I asked her if she has ever asked it questions? She responded that she has and it has answered in one of two ways
1. It will answer her questions outright
2. It will not answer her questions on the grounds that her mind could not comprehend its answers.

Two things I find interesting is this being speaks in a biblical way. Here is an example. She at one point suffered from severe respitory issues dealing with mold contamination and she would undergo horrible physical episodes as a result. It was during one of these episodes when this being spoke to her. It asked her "My daughter why do you suffer?" She replied that it was the mold, etc. It then shouted out "Sharon's body be free of illness" and then again "Sharons body respond!" at which point she felt well right away. Second.. She has had these conversations in front of several family members and they do not hear a voice. But yet the voice will speak of these people that are in the room. I, myself have never seen it but several have.

Now is this God? I don't know I have asked her if she believes it is and she thinks without a doubt it is. Her view of this is this: She is God's daughter and he basically likes to check up on her from time to time and chat. He has also visited my grandmother (her mother) in the same exact way.

Personally, I really don't know to be honest. I guess would have to have it happen to me. I did ask her to talk to it about me and tell it I wanted to talk to it but nothing has came of that to this date.

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posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 10:06 AM
Personally, the idea of chemtrails seems extremely ludicrous.... Contrails on the other hand, are pretty well understood.

But, for the chemtrails theory to be valid, there are an unbelievable amount of variables that would also have to be true...

You'd have to believe that everyone from ground crews to pilots simply remain silent all the time on this.

You'd have to believe that at some point, some airliners have been redesigned to carry such chemicals...(as they aren't built that way from factory)....and retrofitted.

You'd have to believe that airlines were burning valuable fuel (to carry both people/packages AND chemicals), all while a struggling industry....

You'd have to believe that these alleged compounds are much more efficient than most known chemicals, as the amount reaching the ground, and in the parts per million, would be nearly miniscule anyhow......

I just don't buy the contrail idea....jsut wanted to address one thing at a time there, hehe....

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