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(HSSC) Distractions

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posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 08:44 PM
She entered the kitchen, reached into the cupboard and got a cup. The door closed loudly as she let go of it. She reached for the teapot and poured. Dipping her tongue into the cup, she started lapping at the tea.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
I ignored her.
"HEY!" she called out louder. "I'm talking to you".
"And I'm ignoring you. Go crawl back into your hole." I suggested.
"No, I don't want to. What are you doing?"
"Well, if you must know, ATS is having a Halloween Short Story Contest and I thought I'd try to write something. Now leave me alone."
"Oh, I just love Halloween," she purred."Maybe I can help." She twisted and nibbled at the bright green fur on her back. When she straightened up she noticed I had been watching. "I was itchy. Well, how about it? Can I help?"
"No," I replied. "Why didn't you just use one of your hands to scratch? You have five of them. Things like that are why I don't like to take you out in public. Now go, and let me work on this. Oh, by the way, if you are not going to watch television, turn it off. It's distracting me."
"It's not on. That's Teddy's singing you hear."
"Teddy" I mumbled, trying to remember who or what that was. "TEDDY!! What's that Slug doing here?"
"He's visiting his sister, Me."
"Get him out of the house and clean up that slimy trail he leaves behind. Last time he was here, I slipped and bruised my hip. Had a concussion, too. How did he get here anyway?"
"Don and Edna brought him. They are sitting on the front steps."
"Hmph, Don and ... The Gargoyles?"
"My cousins."
"Send them away! I don't need any mean-spirited, practical joking Gargoyles bothering the trick-or-treaters tonight."
"They are fun loving, and they look like Halloween Decorations. People will love them, besides, I'll bet they would enjoy passing out the goodies for you." she said wrinkling her furry little blue nose.
"I wish I was writing on paper instead of this keyboard so I could wad it up and throw it at you. Your family is nothing but animals, or monsters or something. I don't know what you all are. Almost everybody is something different. When your kind has babies, why aren't they all the same species?"
"No, sickened. Go Away! If I had known you were in that trunk I bought at the auction, I'd have burned it before I opened it."
"Burn it and you can't open it."
"Get out!"
"Sometimes you act like you don't care for my family very much. You talk so mean about them," she pouted.
"I don't like YOU very much. Go Away! Leave me alone!"
"I know you like to be the 'gruff but lovable geezer', just don't overdo it," she warned as she turned toward the hallway.
Chastised, I apologized. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I'd just like to try this with no distractions."
Wagging both of her tails at me, she lifted all four of her forefeet and sashayed out of the kitchen on her middle and hind feet..
Watching her, I slowly shook my head. I'm still amazed. How can anything with thirteen long legs be so graceful?

posted on Oct, 29 2005 @ 09:47 PM
Hi rawiea,

I enjoyed reading your story. It was especially interesting discovering that the speaker was sharing his house with "monsters". I was actually expecting the story to continue, as it seemed to abruptly end. I was looking forward to learning more about the different creatures, their personalities and abilities. I think being with the speaker when he first opened the box would have been a great experience for the reader. Good luck to you in the contest!


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