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Research Forum Levels of Research

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posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 05:38 PM
Research Forum Levels of Research

The Topic of this discussion is to discuss the Levels of Research for the Scholars at ATS who are currently active in the Research Forums. The Following levels are guide-lined for different types of research ranging from less difficult, to increased difficult. If and any Team Leader decides to create a project, they must list the Level of their project at the very beginning of their post.

Level 1 Research: Level One is for mild Research Projects lasting no more than one week. This would be an ideal level of research for the new scholars. Teams consists of one Team Leader and two or three team members. These projects usually range from 5-7 days.

Level 2 Research: Level Two research is for projects that are a bit more challenging than Level One. These projects usually last only less than 2-3 weeks and are designed for a team that consists of only one Team Leader, and three or four team members.

Level 3 Research: Even more challenging than Level 2, Level 3 is for Scholars whom are experienced and strictly dedicated to their work. These projects usually range from 3-4 weeks. Posts with these projects are usually required to be posted about two times a week (also depending on work schedules, school, etc.). Scholars with at least 4 other topics should post a Level 4 unless you feel you are experienced enough. Level 3’s consists of one Team Leader and at least 5-6 team members.

Level 4 Research: This is the most intense level of research that a scholar can handle. This level requires scholars with a general minimum of 8 posts in the research forum. Two Team Leaders are required for Level 4 Research and at least 7-8 other Scholars for team members. Level 4 Research should be solely dedicated to the topic, having Ultra High Quality posts, with a genuine script. Any and every link, or source of this post should be written in A.P.A format. These projects usually range from 4-6 weeks. Approval of a Level 4 will be required by ADVISOR.

Example of A.P.A format (This only applies to Level 4):

Author. (year, Month day). Title of web page. Retrieved Month Day, year, from: URL

-ADVISOR, brodband

Links under Research:

-Information and Guidelines, by William


Any questions please feel free to U2U either ADVISOR or brodband

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