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Cults and Saudis and Spooks, Oh My!

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posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 07:59 AM
OK, this is a little complex, but bear with me. I want to play a little game of connect the dots that I found at

We begin with a man named John Gray. He's best known for writing "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus". He's virtually not known at all for being the son of a Texas oil baron who warned before JFK was killed and was then found dead in the trunk of his car (David Thomas Gray).

John Gray has an interesting group of friends which lead me to believe that he may be a spook.

1. John Gray and Adnan Khashoggi:
Adnan Kashoggi is a Saudi billionaire and arms dealer. He laundered money in Iran Contra but the case against him crumbled when Bush 41 pardoned all of the co-conspirators. "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" was a flop for 10 months, until Adnan Khashoggi picked up the marketing for it. The pair of them used Gray's trading account to loot their bankrupt company GensisIntermedia for 100 Million. A company exec named Muzio was then targeted for a mob hit, but didn't get got.

2. John Gray, Sam Kouchesfahani, and The Heaven's Gate Cult:
This one relies on several connections, thin in and of themselves, but together they are interesting to me.

Sam Kouchesfahani owned the mansion in Rancho SantaFe, Ca, where the Heaven's Gate Cult, lead by Marshall Applewhite, committed mass suicide in order to meet the alien craft that they believed was following the comet Hale-Bopp.

Marshall Applewhite taught at St. Thomas College in Houston from 1966 to 1970, and was a friend of John Gray's mother, who owned a New Age bookstore. There were only a few hundred students at the college at that time, and John Gray was one of them. About the same time that Applewhite was fired for sexually harrassing male students at the small Catholic college, Gray decided to move to Switzerland, where he was the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's private secretary.

As this progresses, you will see a connection beween Sam Kouchesfahani, Iranian exiles, and 9/11, which will bring you back to John Gray again via John Gray's dealings with Adnan Khashoggi and 9/

3. Sam Kouchesfahani and 9/11
Sam K. comes from an Iranian family with close ties to the Shah. More importantly, he housed 9/11 Hijackers Hamzi and Midhar while bribing college officials in San Deigo to help Iranians and Saudis get student visas.
He worked for Columbia Pacific University in San Diego, a phony school that basically sold degrees. That also happens to be where John Gray "earned" his Ph.D

Sam K. was doing the same thing that Abdussattar Shaikh was doing (getting Iranians and Saudis into the country as "students"), and in the same city (San Deigo). That could easily suggest a connection.

Abdussattar Shaikh, if you don't know, was subpeoned after 9/11, but the Ashcroft Justice Department blocked that subpeona.

So just to make sure I haven't lost you, Sam K. was involved in the suicide of Heaven's Gate, was connected to the fraud school that gave John Gray a Ph.D, harbored 9/11 terrorists, and was possibly in business with somebody who was subpeoned during the 9/11 investigation but protected by the Bush admin, and while all this is going on, John Gray is making money with a Saudi Arms dealer who was instrumental in Iran Contra, and who was payed a big favor by Bush 41.

4. John Gray,, and Urantia
So what does a guy like John Gray do with all of that money he's making from his relationship with Khashoggi? He funds 9/ and other disinfo outlets which spend most of their time making conspiracy theorists look nuts.

Byron Belitsos, a big wheel in Urantia, was on the steering comittee when I did this a few months ago (he was a founding member of, but he's vanished from their web-page now, which makes since in light of something that I know but can not say, for a good friend's sake. Allegedly Urantia also has skull and bones connections, but I'm no expert on Urantia. I can tell you that Belitsos co-wrote a book on one-world government, which varies from other books of that genre in that he is all for the idea of semi-christian one world gov't.

So, now we've got John Gray on both ends of 9/11- connected to the people who got the terrorists in, and using money from a Saudi Arms dealer to fund, which is also supported by Byron Belitsos, who, judging by the topic of the book he co-authored and the alleged Skull and Bones connections of Urantia, is probably a big fan of the WoT.

5. Belitsos, Urantia, Gorbachev, and one-world government:
The Uranitabook, PartIV, advocates one world government, as does Belitsos in his own book. Belitsos worked with Jim Garrison on a related "9/11 Convergence" conference. Garrison and Gorbachev are the co-founders of the State of the World Forum.

6. Adnan Khashoggi and the election debacle:
Theresa LePore, the election supervisor from Palm Beach County, served as a stewardess on Adnan Khashoggi's private jet. Adnan Khashoggi has an odd habit of giving his companies names in series- many of his companies have names including the words "genesis" and "triad". I haven't seen any PROOF that Khashoggi owned Triad Governmental Services, who did some of the vote counting in Ohio, but it's not beyond the pale of reason

So mix it all together and what have you got? You've got an inside job on 9/11 with one world government as the objective, one world government supporters running disinfo on 9/11 by stating the truth in utterly unbelievable ways, heavens gate as a probable CIA job, and possibly a saudi arms dealer/pimp/drugdealer's fingerprints on the 2000 and 2004 elections, plus connections to skull and bones.

I suspect a lot of people will say "too thin" but I'm curious what you all think about this, especially if anyone has additional info or angles on this.

I'm particularly fascinated by anything anyone can tell me about Belitsos or Urantia, since I get some info on that, but usually mum's the word when I ask for details.

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