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The Abolition of Rights - The Creation of Fear

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posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 11:05 PM
How coincidental is it that we are hearing more and more with respect to the so called ‘spread’ of bird flu across the world just at the time when a number of governments are introducing new laws based on the lies of the threat of terrorism? :shk:

Is this a deliberate attempt to divert our attention from what is taking place in removing our freedoms? I suspect so.

Lets face it, we as individuals (on mass) haven’t fallen apart over the possible threat of being blown up. In fact most people are very philosophical about this issue. Many are also now questioning why we have to have anti-terrorism laws. As the voice of the people increases (over this issue) those who seek to drive the mission of the New World Order create yet another diversion – increasing the anxiety over the possible spread of Bird Flu.

Some interesting facts to ponder

Hundreds of thousands of people in Asia come into contact on a daily basis with birds. Yes affected birds at that. Yet the deaths from bird flu are less than that of normal flu. How interesting - does this sound like SARS all over again.

Over a 30-year period the IRA carried out numerous acts of terrorism across the world and in particular in Britain and Northern Ireland. Bombings and shootings claimed hundreds of innocent lives. The governments of the day at no time envisaged the abolition of habeas corpus (the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the right to legal defence), so why now?

By what God given or elected right do leaders such as Blair, Bush and Howard have to start acting like dictators in abolishing the rights and freedoms (our ancestors) have fought so hard to gain and retain for us. Have they asked us what we want? No they haven’t.

Do NOT be diverted from the real threat. It isn’t terrorism, it isn’t bird flu it is our elected leaders of the ‘free-world’. Over the years we have one threat after another – and in recent history the PLO, Hitler, IRA and on each occasion we have beaten that threat. Why should it be any different now.


posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 01:55 AM
They are slowly getting you ready for the NWO.People like you and me are not going to go down without a fight but the people with money and power are going to make decisions for us.

posted on Oct, 23 2005 @ 04:38 PM
It is the apathy of the masses that have enabled the systematic erosion of our rights to take place. We continue to vote into power those who seek to sell us out. We swallow hook line and sinker the half-truths and in many cases lies that are propagated. We continue to buy newspapers and tune into TV news broadcasts when we know that the media is not independent in their views. In fact many know that the media have their own agenda but still slavishly hang onto and believe every word that is published and said. We are like lambs to the slaughter if we continue to act this way.

There is however salvation, if we have the courage. We do have on our side three things:

We have a brain. We could start to think and question. Stop acting like lemmings

We have the right of veto. We can exert this is so many ways. Stop buying newspapers and watching and listening to news. Hit the rich through the hip pocket. Many of us have the power via the election process but we have to be more active and vocal. Yes I hear of vote rigging but it can only happen if we allow it.

We have the numbers. There are millions of as they say ‘ordinary’ people (I hate that phase). We out number the rich.

In the end it is up to us. This is our world as well. Lets fight for it.


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