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I was at home sleeping or maybe not. what is this

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posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 06:44 PM
I think i made this thread before but dont remember...anyway.

One night i was at the strip club with a friend. We had a couple of pictures thats probably like 4 or 5 glassses of beer at the strip club. We left from there and went to Taco Bell. It was getting kind of late at this point and i went home ate my food and went to sleep. i can remember lying in bed thinking i wish there was something else to do and was soon sleeping. Next day saturday afternoon i called my friend Phil thats who i went to the strip club with to see if we did anything after the bar cause i kind of felt like i went out after we got taco Bell and he said no Afyer we got taco bell i dropped you of at home. So saturday night i went out again and say my frind danny he was thinking about meeting us at the strip club friday night but never showed. while we were talking he mentioned that we had a conversation friday night and i could remember that he asked me where was Phil and i told him Phil was at home and i was downtown by myself. Friday night i never left my house. So how in the hell did i get downtown? Danny said he saw me downtown around 2? But i never left

Finally i am an albino and anm legally blind so i dont drive. when i was in bed friday night i thought about calling someone to come get me but where i live bars close at 2 so i didnt bother because it was getting late.

ive got another story kind of like thisbut it dosent invlove me. If you want to hear just ask and i will post.

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