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october blues

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posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 07:13 AM
It seems that the month of october is a bad month for planning our typical daily routines. Mother nature does not want us to play outside anymore. Maybe november will be nicer.


21/10/2005 25 foot waves hit beach in Trinidad and Tobago

19/10/2005 Hurricane Wilma now strongest hurricane ever recorded in Atlantic basin

19/10/2005 Richter 6.2 earthquake shakes buildings in Tokyo

18/10/2005 12 new bird flu cases in Romania

18/10/2005 Tropical storm Wilma upgraded to hurricane

18/10/2005 Walnut sized hail in California storms triggers mudslides

17/10/2005 Atlantic storm record equalled with formation of Wilma

16/10/2005 Heavy rain halts Pakistan quake relief

16/10/2005 Cayman Islands under tropical storm warning

16/10/2005 Richter 5.1 earthquake sways buildings in Tokyo

14/10/2005 Hundreds evacuate flooded northeastern USA; more rain expected

13/10/2005 Rain continues in flooded areas of northeastern USA

13/10/2005 Deadly bird flu detected in Turkey and Romania

13/10/2005 Strong Richter 5.6 aftershock rattles Pakistan quake region

12/10/2005 Mystery fog engulfs Lagos, Nigeria

12/10/2005 Alaska volcanoes show signs of unrest

12/10/2005 Flooding chaos after heavy rains in north and western UK

10/10/2005 Unusual number of strong aftershocks after Pakistan quake

10/10/2005 Rain causes floods across many areas of eastern USA

10/10/2005 Hurricane Vince forms in eastern Atlantic, poses no threat to land

08/10/2005 Thousands dead from Richter 7.6 earthquake centered in Pakistani Kashmir

07/10/2005 Richter 5.5 earthquake rocks El Salvador

07/10/2005 Hundreds still missing from Tropical storm Stan in Mexico, C. America

07/10/2005 Amazon region in Brazil experiencing drought

06/10/2005 200 missing in Guatemala landslide

06/10/2005 Early blizzard cause trouble in Western USA

05/10/2005 Satellite images confirm mystery glow in Indian Ocean

04/10/2005 Flash floods bring Malta to a standstill

03/10/2005 Landslides from heavy rains kill 31 in El Salvador

03/10/2005 Nuuanu, Hawaii residents clean up after flooding

03/10/2005 60 students swept away during Typhoon in south-east China

02/10/2005 Storms leave flooding in Kansas, US

01/10/2005 El Salvador volcanco erupts, killing 2

01/10/2005 Hurricane Otis strengthens at it nears Baja California, Mexico

This is a small compilation of natural events that trouble our lives and impact our standards of living in some way,so my point is, as we move forward in humanity it seems that we regress in the standards of life that we have come acustomed to. What will the new year bring us? Maybe a new way of thinking is on the horizine,one of simplicityand commonality.

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 08:22 AM
Honestly, I bet you could come up with a list like this for everyday of every month for the past 20 years. I'm not all that impressed.

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 08:41 AM
best month of my life a pay rise
but what you are saying is correst but it could be any month

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