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Eisenhower's 'Deal': Was it really wrong?

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posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 10:24 AM

People on ATS like to go on and on about how sinister the supposed 'deal' Ike and the government made with the 'gray' aliens was (I think we're all familiar with this piece of UFO folklore). My question for you all, though, is whether or not this deal was really unethical or if it was the only remotely rational option he (may have) had.

In most versions of the story, Ike is confronted by gray aliens (after having met with another race of aliens) who offer him a deal wherein the aliens would be allowed to abduct a limited number of people for simple medical examinations in exchange for advanced weapons and help developing spacecraft. They also promise not to interfere with Earth politics or make alliances against the US. Ike agrees to this (the so-called Treaty of Gaeata in UFO folklore circles) and, later on, the aliens leave a complete, working UFO with the government (as payment for their end of the deal).

Now... in our day and age the thought of aliens is inextricably linked with scary abduction stories... and so Ike has become something of a bad guy within UFO circles (at least judging by the angry comments supposed 'NWO-resistors' throw at him), however... it seems to me that Ike not only had no choice, but that he was shooting for the best possible outcome. This is because, having already demonstrated their superiority, the aliens could have just taken what they wanted without even agreeing to the technological exchange. They also could have formed an alliance with the Soviet Union. This way, at least, the US received some access (according to folklore) to alien weapons and propulsion technology. Even if the aliens are sinister -- and even if these weapons will never be used on earth -- they provide, it seems to me, a type of insurance for human society. Think about it: We trade people who were going to get abducted anyway for particle beams.... but, in turn, our possession of particle beams/directed energy weapons ensures that, once this tech is fully developed, we can prevent earth from being attacked at will by aliens. The overall situation, then, is one where we allowed ourselves to be used so as to get to the technology that can prevent us from getting used in the future. This, to me, seems like a rational trade-off (if an unpleasant one).

Now... one can argue that the tech the aliens gave us might have been things that we were about to develop anyways... or that they're holding back... but it seems clear that, when all is said and done, that they could have gotten more for less if they wanted to (did they even have to meet with Ike?). One can also argue that the treaty gives the aliens the legal pretext to annex earth... but, hey, as it wasn't voted on by the Senate it technically doesn't count (note how one of the biggest criticisms of the treaty is that it is 'illegal'... but, it seems to me, this illegality is perhaps a pocket victory for humanity. After all, we got sample tech in exchange for a piece of paper we can later deny).

So... what are your thoughts?

Some reading on the Ike-alien treaty legend:

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posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 11:47 AM
I have read verious suggestions of an alien/human technology exchange, but has any hardware even remotely technologicaly relevant of such a deal even surfaced. Simply ask yourself this.

How far technologicaly advanced is the US over the rest of the world based on Alien Technology?

Qualify what is Alien technology?

What someone needs to prove is where this technolgy exchange has benefited the United States and where exactly it is being used. Exactly what was exchanged and where has it taken us in superiority over the rest of the world?

In the 1960,70's there was the whole abduction for medical or biological experiments. For all intents and purposes, man without the aid of aliens are surpassing aliens on many biological fronts. Now their intent is supposedly to create human alien hybrids. While aliens are still supposedly tinkering with old school painful medical procedures, we humans are steadily advancing non invasive painless procudures.

Our bilogical advances have eclipsed them soundly. The only thing in our way is cultural bounderies and medical ethics standards. We are already cloning deceased pets. Human animal hybids are already possible. Human Animal Hybrid Experiments

posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 11:48 AM
I am in agreeance with all in your post..the part that seems to go unnoticed is how we went from b+w tvs to leds,laptops, etc in so few years..
How did one day, all the scientists, engineers wake up so SMART?

I find this link worthy of a read..

posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 12:38 PM
The supposed 'deal' Ike and the government made with the 'gray' aliens.

I think a lot of credit for todays technology must go to Nikola Tesla
especially Communication & wireless technology,
Although i do believe some exchange or agreement was made,
the Grays Technology would more enter the fields of DNA & Dream Materials

posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 11:19 PM
I would have to say that if the deal did happen the results have yet to be seen. What I am talking about is a free energy. I am no scientist, but I have read and believe that their is a power that can be controled that stems from the space in between atoms. This energy would dillute the power of 'natural energy', or fossils fuels. Right know the earths' economy is based on fossil fuels, and that ain't going to change till it runs out. What the aliens might have provided us with would change world pollitics, hence the secrecy
I am usually furious about this, but I am not drunk enough right now...

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 01:55 AM

Originally posted by nullster
How far technologicaly advanced is the US over the rest of the world based on Alien Technology?

What makes you think US is the only country to make such deals with aliens?

Originally posted by nullsterQualify what is Alien technology?

Tech which was made by aliens, that I'd say is a pretty good definition.

Originally posted by iamian
I think a lot of credit for todays technology must go to Nikola Tesla
especially Communication & wireless technology,

I must agree with you there, the guy was a genius

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 02:23 AM
Well if the story is true I would have done the same thing. Really Eisenhower would have had no choice. UFOs have entered our most restricted airspace with impunity there would have been nothing the US could have done to stop Aliens from abducting peole if they wanted, better to get some tech out of the deal.But if Aliens did give us tech Im pretty sure they wouldnt be stupid enough to give us anything good that could be used against them.

I try to put myself in the aliens place when thinking about something like this. Say you went back in time to run test on neanderthals but you want to make a deal with them. Would give them a machine gun or a bic lighter? So if there is a tech exchange we are getting the alien equavlent of a Bic lighter OOO

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