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Awesome timeline showing spread of disease from 540-1900 AD

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posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 04:21 PM
I just had to share this find with everyone. This is porbably the most interesting site I have found regarding mainly the spread of disease from 540 AD to 1900 AD.....with some other interesting info mixed in....i.e. info on Tesla...


This initial historical analysis was assembled as a chronological
chart and took months to accomplish. It is by no means complete.
Resting on the known fact that the universe is stranger that you
think it is, extreme flexibility was allowed relative to the entries
in the chronology, sometimes reaching into the fringe. Of course,
that's were all the fun is. Whether you realize it or not, experience
means knowing the unknown, even if if might seem ridiculous to the
logical or linear mind, very strange facts have been known to come
together in strange ways. They always do. When you examine the
chronology, which was for me an organizational research tool, keep
that in mind. Don't get into a state because you feel I "left something out" or "didn't include something else" or "shouldn't have included this". I did it
for me, remember? Items are there because of informational
relationship within the over all paradigm under examination. Names
are not changed to unprotect the ignorant dullards who decided to try
and run the show. Silly rabbit. Kids need love, not psychotherapy and
psychocybernetic control. I trust you will find the following to be
of use in your overall investigations.

This information is awesome and fascinating! Enjoy!!

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