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NEWS: Arrest Of Saddam's Nephew Revels That Saddam's Family Is Funding Insurgents

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posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 01:07 PM
Iraqi officials announced on Wednesday that they had arrested one of Saddam Hussein's nephew's Yasir Sabhawi Ibrahim in Tikrit. That alone is no real news; that occurs everyday in Iraq. Now for the news portion of the story that has substance. According to Iraq's Interior Minister, Ibrahim allegedly has told his interrogators that he received the funds "from the family of Saddam" living in "other Arab countries" so it could be delivered to the insurgents.

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The capture of a nephew of Saddam Hussein who is believed to be the top financier for Iraq's insurgents could help track down the source of the funds from abroad, the interior minister said Thursday.

Interior Minister Bayan Jabr said the suspect has told interrogators he was receiving money from someone "from the family of Saddam" living in "other Arab countries" to deliver to insurgents in Iraq.

Iraqi security forces arrested Yasir Sabhawi Ibrahim, a son of Saddam's half brother Sabhawi Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti, during a pro-Saddam demonstration in the city of Tikrit on Wednesday, the day the former dictator's trial began in Baghdad, Jabr said.

"He is the link between outside and inside. He brings the money and he distributes the money to the insurgency to do the operations," Jabr said at a news conference.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Since Ibrahim is believed to be the top financier for Iraq's insurgents the arrest alone could lead to the source of the funds. That is the good side of the story.

The bad side of the story is that it appears that Saddam’s family has been funding the very insurgents that have been killing their own people, no doubt with the Millions if not Billions they looted from the country when fleeing.

It also has occurred to me that possibly Saddam may have smuggled a letter out of jail instructing his family to do so. I know, I sure would not put it past him after considering what he has done in the past.

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posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 01:38 PM
I think it is highly unlikely that a letter with instructions was smuggled out. Possible, but unlikely, given that he was probably the most guarded man on earth since his capture.

You've probably heard of the story where his two sons looted a Baghdad bank for over $1Billion shortly before the coalition landed. It took several trucks to carry it away. The point is, they had plenty of cash.

Now we find that other members of the family are distributing the cash to the insurgengy. That they are nvolved doesn't surprise me. The good thing is, they were busted.

They have some very strong and dysfunctional family ties, the Husseins. For example, his daughter praised him as a hero this week at the three hour trial. Even knowing that her father had murdered her husband.


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