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I want to start a Business!

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posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 05:34 PM
My grandparents have started a small virtual assistant business. For those who haven't heard it before here's a quick definition: A virtual assistant manage the office, keep shedules, plan meetings, etc. But most do this from their home. This saves the client money because they do not have to pay for full time employee benefits and such.

Now, I want in! I'm a broke college student (tm). (I feel I said that enough times, that it can become my personal phrase). I can do almost every office task, but I wanted to add some other things. I went through my local newspaper, looking to see if web site development, programming, etc was needed. I know a couple of years ago, I saw tons. I'm not as an experienced as I like to be. I attended ITT for a year, then decided to go back to biology at my Community College, then transfer. But I still remember a bit of Java programming that I did learn and I can pick up a C++ for Dummies to learn that - I guess.

Well, I said all of that to ask. Is it even worth it? I was thinking that I'll brush up my web designing skills and offer my talents to some small organizations, or something similar to that.

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 06:08 PM
Good luck with that
I must say from my own experience (albeit only a couple of months) that it's a pretty tough gig to get going unless you have a decent portfolio to back you up. A lot of companies don't realize the time it takes to develop a good website, and those that do generally know only because they have someone already taking care of their stuff. You'll probably have to short sell yourself for the first few clients at least, unless you're lucky enough to get someone who know's what's going on and just doesn't have anyone else they can trust.

I'd definitely say don't do it if you're trying to get rich quick--you can honestly plan on breaking even at best. Depending on what you're wanting to get going with it, it'll be pretty tough as well--every minute you spend on one project is a minute away from trying to get other customers; every minute you spend trying to get customers is a minute off your paycheck from your current client, and of course there's also any personal time you may want.

I probably sound extremely cynical, and I am right now, so take it as such--I found out today that I'm losing a client due to the graphics designer he chose (not my choice) being flaky, amid other issues I had little or no control over. That's something else you might want to watch out for--any project you agree to work on, get the terms in writing before hand. Even if you know you can't sue when it comes down to it, at least you have a leg to stand on as you threaten them.

Good luck again
And I might have some better viewpoints and suggestions to offer you when I'm done seeing red

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