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The Singularity and the NWO... what will happen?

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posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 02:36 AM
I recently began to read Ray Kurzweil's newest book, The Singularity is Near, and found it facinating. The Singularity is defined by Kurtzweil as

technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history.

A post-singular world would be largely organized by artificial intelligence. The divisions between reality and virtual reality would begin to blur. Through nanotechnology, any material on earth could be instantly synthesized, even human DNA. With technology like this in our near future, I found myself wondering where the NWO or similar authoritarian structures would fit in.

The Law of Accelerating Returns This is the essay the book expands upon.
Kurzweil, and apparently Bill Gates and other prominent tech figures, believe that in the near future this event (the Singularity) will occur, and that as a result society will be completely transformed. In such a case, could the real "NWO" become an artificial intelligence? How will the Singularity impact society and the elites' plans? Will they be able to control the event and use it to advance their cause, or does the very nature of the event undermine them? Will they even let it happen to begin with, or will they prevent technology from advancing in the public sphere at some point?

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 04:39 AM
Wow, never heard of that book, but it looks like something I'd love. Thanks!

Anyhow...I think one could argue that the "invention" of the transistor is something that already fit the author's description of a revolutionary technological development.

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 04:52 AM
An NWO in such a post-singularity world would not be possible as AI's will not be the only super-intelligent entities on this planet. We(us Transhumanists) firmly believe that should we play our cards right we could reach a state of symbiosis with the Artificial and Biological. When we reach this state in our evolution there will be a 3rd exodus (the 2nd will happen shortly before the 3rd)

1st Exodus was all about escaping flooding from melting icecap from the last iceage

2nd Exodus will be about Transhumans(and other groups) seeking self-rule and the ONLY place that is feasible in the near term to achieve this is in Oceanic settlements which is getting very close to economic feasiblity.

3rd (And possibly final) Exodus will be us finally escaping our gravity well permanently making our species nearly impossible to destroy through planetary natural disaters like Asteroid impacts.

Decentralized Micro governments are the future, al qaeda is the first such orginazation allthough their goals are in direct contradiction to Transhumanist values. If anything I would be worried of a NWO based off of Theological thinking and such an event would be delayed due to legislation. A NWO is a definate possibility(however unlikely it may seem to me) BEFORE the event in question takes place and such a World Government would most likely ban technological innovation to keep power over the people.

Just my opinion but I feel fairly confident in it atm.

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 02:20 PM
I was unfamiliar with the 3 exoduses, but transhumanism is something i've come across before. Kurzweil claims that through transhumanism/biotechnology/digitizing of minds, humans will be able to defy biology and, in effect, live forever. While this is and interesting an idea, I find myself wondering to what extent we will be able to "live forever." I think it would be difficult to solve the problem of death, regardless of technology. And if we are but a digital version of our mind with a cybernetic body, would we still have the same conciousness? To me, this raises a pandora's box of questions about metaphysics, the nature of consciousness, and the place of death as a destination for life.

Very interesting point about microgovernments, I agree that small, efficient, local government will most likely follow this current glut in government power and regulation. And post-singularity, government would almost be irrelevant and wasteful. I often wonder what the place of money will be in such a society, if any. The singularity would have to come with a complete re-engineering of society as we know it, a very cool thought. One thing I was pondering earlier- in a post-singular world, the dangers from technology would be astronomical, and with everything networked, worldwide control would be essential. I think the security would most likely be the job of an AI, but will there be a place for physical militaries?

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 04:30 PM

Will they even let it happen to begin with, or will they prevent technology from advancing in the public sphere at some point?

It's generally held that the technological singularity will result from runaway accelerating technological advancement. This process is happening as we speak. The technological advancement is driven mainly by commercial competition - better phones, pc's, cars and toasters sell more than their weaker counterparts and make more money for the manufacturers, hence the drive for improvement. Given this fact the forward inertia of technological advancement must be immeasurably huge and for the NWO to have any impact on the pace of progress the organisation itself would need to be huge. The only way any party could remove the potential for the technological singularity would be to knock us back to the dark ages, and I fail to see how that would be a benefit to them.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:58 PM
The research and developement of new technologies are generally funded by large corporations and goverment sponsorsed institutions. It then stands to reason that the nwo through their control of same corporations can also control the developement and release of such technologies.
some things like a smaller more annoying mobile phone are not a problem. after all they don't really change the way we live by a great amount and new phones and updated gadgets serve to feed the consumerism that so many of the population are hooked on.
But nano tech? cheaper cleaner energy? could they really let the masses get their hands on that kind of stuff?
I think they are going to try and keep the good stuff to themselves for as long as they can. But i don't think you can keep the genie in the bottle forever. Maybe that is what the singularity will be, a time when the progress of technology can no longer be restrained, when evolution HAS to happen. Progress is inevitable.
I think the aim of the nwo will be the same as always, to limit and control the accessibility of advanced technologies. If we are all chipped and pinned this will not be too much of a problem and maybe that is what they are looking at. getting us all under absolute control before the technology arrives to liberate us.

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