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I Had A Dream.... With My Friend?

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posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 07:45 PM
Last night apparently, my family tells me that I was yelling and screaming in my sleep and attacking the wall and doing kung fu sorts of movements with my hands in the air. Then my mom came in and tried to wake me up, and I sat up and pointed at the sword on my wall (yeah, I have a sword).

I recall none of this. And I have never been known to sleepwalk.

Then this morning at school, this girl that sits in front of me told me all about how she had this horrible nightmare last night at around 1 am, and how she felt like someone cut her arm with a sword, and she woke up and her arm where she got cut in the dream was all wet (yet not actually bleeding).

I wasn't told about my dream until I got home, over supper. I was "woken up" (well my eyes were open, but I sure wasn't awake) at about 1:11 my mom says. My sister has been making fun of me for it all day (apparently I was that loud and violent).

Was I somehow in the same dream as my friend. If so, how and why. Why did I point to my sword, while my friend was having a dream about getting cut by a sword at the same time.

Crazy I tell you.

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