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Your Favorite Halloween Candy

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posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 05:21 PM
What was/is your favorite Halloween candy?

What candy did you hate to find in your bag?

I've always liked those Rockets.

If I ever got something that had black licorice flavor, it went to the garbage.

posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 07:11 PM
I just like chocolate... You put chocolate in my bag and I'm a happy girl...

I ((And every other sane human being)) hate those damning orange and black candy thingies...

And I always hated when I was a kid, this one guy down my street where I used to live would give us a quarter every year... You can't eat a quarter... What the hell do I want a quarter for on Halloween???????

posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 07:26 PM
The worst thing I've ever gotten was probably pennies

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 09:05 AM
I prefer the peanut butter candy that comes in the generic orange and black wrappers. With or without razor blades, it really doesn't matter to me.


posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 09:21 AM
My favorite since puberty has always been the eye candy.

This holiday is sheer genius. It's the one day a year everyone gets to be who they really are. And it never ceases to amaze me how many women go to Halloween parties as "slut."

If I were kidding, there'd be a smiley here.

Oh you can call it anything you like.

Catholic school girl.
Britany Spears.
Monica Lewinsky.
French Maid.
No, I'm really just here to deliver the pizza. Get off me.

But I know.

Okay, here's a smiley.

[edit on 19-10-2005 by RANT]

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 09:27 AM
Halloween Candy??

We don't do that sort of thing over here in the UK...don't know why :S

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 09:28 AM
trick or treating wasn't really a big thing in the uk when i was a child, although it's much more popular now with loads of money making merchandise in the shops . We did once have a very spooky halloween party though when I was about 8, with oodles of apples for apple bobbing ect, so not exactly candy , but toffee apples would be my favourite halloween food.

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 09:33 AM
Taffy Apples with nuts - a great Halloween treat.

I'm like the simple candy - candy corn, black and orange wrapped chewy treats and a little bit o' honey.

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 09:49 AM
i love candy apples! mmmmmmm!!

an apple dipped in toffee. mmmmm.

oni x x

Edit: nikelbee i just saw your post!! mmmm.

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 10:54 AM
Rant always seems to have the best outlook

Give me anything with carmel in/on it and you'll win my heart

nickelbee..that picture is making my mouth water ..yum

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by pantha
trick or treating wasn't really a big thing in the uk when i was a child

It wasn't trendy back in 1948 was it?


posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 03:47 PM

Originally posted by infinite

It wasn't trendy back in 1948 was it?


Why you cheeky little......

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 04:30 PM
Hmmm....I dont know. Having to choose I would probably say snickers. Those little orange and black wrapped pieces of crap are the bane of my existance. I usually end up throwing them at little kids

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 05:08 PM
You throw them at children too??? Woo hoo!

You know what's odd?... I've never had a candy apple, toffee apple, etc etc, or the like... EVER... Hrm.....

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 05:39 PM

both of those we're awesome but!!!

number one?

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