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OBEing while in a dream?

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posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 09:32 AM
This thread is about a dream I've had just last week. I can't even begin to understand it by it's subject is related to conscience OBEs and was wondering if I might be able to get some input and feedback on it. I'll give as much information and detail on it as I can.

Just as some background information, I came across the matter of OBEs and APing on another forum board and it took my interest, mainly for the possibility that (with limited but expanding knowledge on the subjects) I could leave my body and travel through out the cosmos... without being barred down by not being in any form of a space program and with current limitations on modern space travel. I've been doing my best to keep up with MAP day by day (Still on Week 1 if that helps) and also followed it's suggestion to pick up a book on the subject of APing and OBEs. Currently, I was only able to find "Journeys out of the Body" by Robert Monroe (No luck in finding "Astral Dynamics", I may have to order it). I still do not know for sure if I'm able to have a lucid dream. I think I normally do because in a majority of them - I do recognize the dream-world around me and consciencely react to it, I'm not passive in them at all.

On to the dream. It was a Saturday night and I had completed my last parts of MAP for the day, shortly after took a shower, and read about 1/4th of "Journeys out of the Body" before falling asleep around 1:00AM. Now, around 6:30AM ~ 7:00AM is when I awoke from this dream so I figure this took place in that roughly 6 hour time frame.

(This is what takes place in the dream.)
The setting seemed to be with a building that you'd find in the downtown area of a city like Chicago, London, etc... and was on the first floor. I knew this because I could see outside to the road and buildings across the street through the front windows. In the room seemed to be a few couches and chairs. I noticed a male laying down on a couch and another male in his mid-40's who imposed the idea that he was an 'instructor'. I was sitting in a chair tfacing the front door with the man on the couch to my 9 o'clock and the 'instructor' to my 11 o'clock and a wall to the right of me.

The 'instructor' began conversing with me on how to meditate (for lack of a better term). I then closed my eyes and saw an entity who looked to be a human female in traditional hindu clothing. She seemed almost radiant - there was alot of light flooding in from behind her. At once I opened my eyes and the instructor tells me to hold my hands in a specific manner in my lap with my legs crossed while sitting in the chair. (Palm up, one hand on top of the other in a parallel format) I close my eyes again. At this point the same picture of the female comes back, only this time I feel vibrations. Crazy as it might sound, but I feel them in the dream. I begin to feel lighter and lighter. I decide to try and stand up from the chair... when I did, it felt like I jumped out of the chair and instantly had vision of the room around me but I didn't recall opening my eyes. In the dream, it felt like I had exited my body... and that's all I could conclude from how it felt because it didn't fell like I was constrained in anything. I specifically remember moving over to the couch and going through it and then back again. At this point I was 'floating' right next to the 'instructor' and I looked over to saw my body... that's when I woke up.

I know it was alot to read and thanks if you've made it this far
. Anyone have any thoughts?

posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 11:29 AM
Sometimes your subconscious test you in a way to get you to have a OBE. I remember one of my OBE's where i was in a room of people from my past. i remember them asking questions of me. But when i spoke I could not hear my self. Then one of them said, "I think he is ready” They walked me over to a door. The closer i got to the door the lighter i felt. I was trying not to look into the eyes of anybody but thier was this little girl that was staring at me. As soon as i looked at her the dream scape melted and I was laying in my bed. When i got up I started floating. I didn't get to far though.

Once thing i stress in OBE's is that if your in a lucid dream look at your hands. For some reason your hands can help you move from lucid to OBE's.


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