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Iraqi Civil War Has Started

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posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 04:37 AM
Iraq is edging into the first stages of civil war by way of its new governmental policies to allow armed Shia militias to infiltrate security forces, which has escalated sectarian killings, according to a former prime minister. Meanwhile, Musab al-Zarqawi has called upon his forces to wage an "all out war" on the Shi’ites.
Former Iraqi premier Iyad Allawi warned Sunday, October 16, that civil war has already started in his country, accusing the incumbent government of allowing Shiite militias to infiltrate security forces and accentuating a spate of sectarian killings.

"This is one of the stages of civil war we are right in now," Allawi told Britain's Sunday Telegraph.

"What you have is killings, assassinations, militias, a stagnant economy, no services," said Allawi, who served from June 2004 until an elected government took over in April.

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It was, on the face of it, chilling confirmation that Zarqawi’s demand for civil war was being realised.

With barely a month to go before Iraq votes on a new constitution on October 15, the pressure is on the 38-year-old Jordanian terrorist to turn Iraq into a sectarian hell-hole before the democratic political process becomes established. Suicide bombers have been flocking to Baghdad in preparation for an escalation of attacks.

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How long it shall be before the West calls a spade a spade? Most the Middle East is in agreement that Iraq has started its civil war, so when will the Bush adminstration acknowledge it as one? So much for de-Baathification.

The Sunni opposition groups have indicated that if the Iraqi constitution does pass, they will go to war. Condi Rice has indicated that indeed the constitution has passed. One way leads to a civil war, the other to a civil war. Damned if you do...

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