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WAR: DoHS Investigating NYC Subway Threat Leak

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 08:32 PM
The DoHS is investigating itself regarding security leaks on last weeks NYC subway terror threat. The son of an administrator, with access to classified information, sent out emails warning others not to ride the trains for two weeks. The emails were sent three days before the official announcement and referred to a threat that Homeland Security said was "of doubtful credibility."
The Homeland Security Department is investigating whether department officials privately tipped off relatives or friends about last week's subway terrorism threat before the public was given the news, officials said Thursday.

The probe was announced as Gov. George Pataki and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly raised concerns about the possible leak, first reported in the Daily News.

"Obviously it's disturbing; it's just not right," Pataki said after an official appearance in midtown Manhattan also attended by Kelly. "The public should know at the same time. ... There should not be limited public notification to a handful of people, or people who might be otherwise politically connected."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It appears that Homeland Security officials tipped off friends and relatives while downplaying a possible terrorist attack. Interesting.

I imagine the only reason the terror threat was released to the general public was because of the fact that the "elite" knew about it, so they were kind of forced to do it to cover their butts. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't have made it out. My thought anyway.

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 09:12 PM
Or they fabricated the whole thing, to make Bushspeak sound more relevant.

Bush's Most Desperate Speech Yet

On the very day that New York City received "credible" (then "doubtful") information that 19 operatives had been dispatched to bomb the subways, President Bush gave a speech to remind America that the "war on terror" was on the front burner.

Bush was hoping to deliver us from our dangerous preoccupation with Rove's troubles, DeLay's indictment, Frist's SEC problems, the fallout from Katrina, his holy-crap-I've-even-lost-the-evangelicals 37-percent approval rating, and the $3 gallon of gas. You know, to focus on the real threat (Ter'r), and thus, his argument went, to remain in Iraq.

Probe is looking for leaking dancers.

Sources: Feds focus on two New Yorkers in leaks probe

The Department of Homeland Security made a most unusual visit Friday, with two investigators traveling to the Upper East Side to question a dance theater director who allegedly e-mailed friends with word of the recent subway terror threat before it became public.

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