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WAR: Dutch Holdown Parts of Hague after Terror Threat

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 08:34 AM
The Dutch Parliament buildings and several other facilities in The Hague were sealed off by armed police and anti-terrorist officers. Seven were arrested, including a gentlement implicated in a former plan to blow-up Parliament, Schipol airport, and nuclear reactors. Dutch authorities have been on a high stage of alert since the murder of Theo vag Gogh by a muslim extemeist.
Armed police and anti-terrorist officers sealed the Dutch parliament building and two other locations in The Hague on Friday amid what appeared to be a terror alert.

Seven people, six of the male, were arrested at locations in the Hague, the seat of government, in Amsterdam and the nearby town of Almere, in police actions that started late on Thursday night, Dutch media reported.

Those held reportedly include Samir Azzouz, a teenager who in April was released from custody after a court found insufficient evidence to support charges that he had planned to blow-up the parliament, Schiphol Airport, and a nuclear reactor.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It seems like the Dutch have had great luck in disrupting these plans before they come to frution. I just hope it holds out.

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 11:07 AM
All is quiet again, nothing seriously dangerous going on here in The Hague. I've been very close to the Parliament buildings this afternoon, and the The Hague central station, but didn't notice anything at all. I heard about this, only half an hour ago, when I got back home.

Most of the guys they arrested today, have been arrested before, and a brother of one of these guys is actually still in jail on terrorism charges.

These guys are teenagers, or in their mid-twenties, not radical 9/11 type of terrorists. IMHO they're highly exagerrating the current threat, there is no way these guys have the know-how to produce large explosives. The murder on Theo van Gogh was simple, he was shot and stabbed. That's pretty much all these kids can do.

It's a good this the homeland security agency is keeping an eye on them, though. After they released Samir Azzouz back in April, they publicly stated they would deffinately keep an eye on him, so that's what they've been doing. Samir was dumb enough to continue to talk about terrorist acts and trying to get explosives and weapons, that's how smart he is.

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