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NEWS: Human Rights Watch Slams Australia's New Terrorism Laws

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posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 07:38 PM
The human rights group Human Rights Watch today slammed Australia's anti terrorism law proposals and spokesman Brad Adams, the Asian director stated that "This is a shocking departure from Australia's proud tradition of protecting individuals from an overly powerful state." The new laws proposed will take Australia away from the previous stance of championing the rights of the individual. The new laws include the ability of authorities to detain without charges and electronic tagging of suspects.
"Putting people under house arrest for a year by a control order is tantamount to jailing people without trial," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

The New York-based rights watchdog said the new counter-terrorism measures not only threatened Australians' civil liberties but also violated international law.

The Australian Government has defended the laws, which were prompted by the deadly July 7 bombings on London's transport system, as unpalatable but necessary.

"Locking people up or seriously restricting their liberty when they have not even been charged are characteristics of dictatorship, not a democracy," Mr Adams said.

"Unjust measures are likely to alienate the very communities whose cooperation is vital to an effective counter-terrorism strategy through the criminal justice system," he said.

The proposed measures have been criticised by other human rights groups, including Amnesty International.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

In a thread on these forums recently it was asked of why it the world was so slow in implementing The New World Order. I disagree, in the last few months the last of the legislations laying the foundations of The New World order have been placed by many of the leading nations including the US Australia and the UK.

The New World order is here. These laws take away the rights of the individual and it won't be long before car thieves and common supected criminals and others are placed in custody using those laws and citing terrorism.

I suppose stealing a car is allowable under the wide open criteria of "terrorism" which has a large and open conotation and meaning.

The waters were tested slowly and now the march has begun in earnest. These laws are being passed without a whimper. Both the governments and oppositions in each of the nations that have enforced these new laws are in agreement over the implementation of new harsher laws that focus not on the right of the individual but of dictatorship and control.

Without an opposition party to speak out for the people, the people are left without anyone championing their cause. This is the downfall of the two party preferred system and just one reason that people should be wary of the whole idea of two party preferred.

Day by day people are being more afraid to speak out against this march owing to these laws insidiously being imposed. People need to be aware that under the new regimes they have no more rights than a slave.

Daily we are moving into a world of control and dicatorship. The leaders have often spoken out and stated they will not back down or give in to terrorism but that is in fact exactly what they have done. Sold out the rights of the individual in the name of terrorism. Capitulating and fearing, bowing down to the greater word of terrorism the governments have sold out the people. The governments have given in to terrorism and allowed the word terrorism to win.

They are further allowing terrorism to destroy and undermine our free society by taking our freedoms which are a birth right to all life on this planet.

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 09:10 PM
Howard has been trading our freedoms and rights away in order to keep the bombings off our doorstep. It's a little more every week that's been inching us closer and closer to a modern dictatorship - one that pretends it's a harsh but fair democracy under 'troubled times' but it's really an organised effort to move the world into a new direction.

One of his favourite sayings is that 'it could happen to us at anytime' yet each time something happens elsewhere, he's the first to step up to the plate to bring in NWO tatics to public law under the guise of 'helping us avoid an attack'.

They want us to believe that these laws are what's stopping the 'terrorists' but in reality, it's those that don't play to the NWO wishes that receive the attacks, the whole Islamic terrorism thing is just the mule, the Truman show, the courier, the beard - it's what we see and it's our 'reality' but it's not what's being played out in the control room.

This is probably Howards justification to himself that he's doing what's best for the country as the alternative would be subway bombings and intimidation by the same intel groups organising the global terror campaign.

The whole Port Arther incident was one of the first major public NWO steps for Australia.

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 11:00 PM
That's a great conclusion Mayet. I gave you a WATS vote to show my agreeance

The thing that really really annoys me is the people who criticise human rights organisations. Why would all these respected human rights groups all of a sudden lose the plot and raise false alarms? They are all saying the same thing, we are in danger of giving far too much power to our governments and our civil liberties will vanish in the near future. They are right! Yet there are huge swathes of citizens who would rather attack the human rights groups than admit we are being sold down the river based on lies.

Terrorism is a construct used to intimidate and change us, regardless of who you believe is behind it doesnt change that one principle. Yet our governments ARE CHANGING US and ruining our way of life. For what? What do they think their draconian, civil rights raping legislation will do for the citizens? They will not make us safe from terror attacks (Charles Clarke admitted as such after the 7/7 bombings) and they will not deter determined terrorists so what the hell are they for?!

They are to make controlling the population much easier. They can lock trouble makers away without trial and at a politicians behest. These are not what our countries stand for but we are allowing it to happen because our supposed leaders are offering us temporary saftey. Shame on us all.

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