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Poems by Iori

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 07:47 PM
I've recently (the last three or so days) been writing some poetry, and I thought I'd share, I've only gotten one copied onto the computer so far, but I'm typing more of them and putting them on the comp, so I'll add more as I type them out.

Raven, Raven in the tree, what fills you with such glee?
What you ask me fills me with such glee? I shall tell you if you like, but do not think ill of me.
Tell me than Raven, what makes one such as you, an omen of the dark so happy?
It is simple my dear behoofed cousin, it is the end of man and all there kind, they all will die, and I shall dine.

Please tell me what you think.

[edit on 10/11/2005 by iori_komei]

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 07:52 PM
"Silence!", croaked the raven, "I hear the dinner knell!"

Welcome to the company of poets, iori.

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 08:15 PM
Ok, I've finished typing the rest of the poems I've so far written, I would have added them to my origonal post, but the edit button has pulled a Hudini.

Oh mother Earth. what makes you tremble so?

Dear daughter moon, you wish to know why I shake to and fro?

Yes, yes I wish to know what makes you shake and tremble so.

Look upon me than daughter moon, the reason you shall see soon.

I look, I look but I do not see what makes you shake in such plee.

It is the wicked things made by those I hold, that make me sad.

Such things surely make you mad, not only sad.

No dear daughter moon, I do not hold anger towards those that call me home, they will one day learn there way, and on that most glorious day, those I hold fold the void between, and find new worlds to glean and keep clean.

"Ra's Lament"
Oh celestial father, bringer of light, what causes you such plight?

You ask of me what causes me such pain and plight? It is simply the flight of those unseen, that you your kind, who have been but only a short time do not comprehend and understand, objects so high and complex in nature, that only with artifice, would you be privvy to the unimaginable truth of this reality.

"Space Dreams"
We yearn to travel far faster than light, to make the jump in space flight.

Our fiercest of foes though prevents us from doing so,

you ask what this enemy might be, it is no man, nor of a plan,

It is simply relativity that prevents us from being so free.

That is all I have written so far, I will add more poems, as I create them.

Please tell me what you think.

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 03:08 AM
I like them very much, especially the Raven one! Your poems have an artful simplicity and a strangely humorous undertone.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 02:35 PM
Thabk you for the kind responses Masqua and The_Modulus.

I am writing another poem currently, I will be posting it when I have finished it.

posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 11:53 PM
Right, I nearly forgot I even had this.

I wrote some haiku earlier, and a randmoness poem, so I'll post these.

Please tell me what you think.

Beautiful blossoms,
Gently fly through the warm air,
caressing the night.

The sharp blade night,
Bites the bitterness of man,
Blood flows quickly out.

Intrepid nights allurious days,
within the mist I must stay,
In the darkness you wil find me,
for the light will blind me.

So, like I said, I'd like everyone's thoughts and opinions on these, thanks.


posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:01 PM
Well just thought I'd post one of the poem's I've written recently.

Darkest night, with stars so bright forever gone from the eternal sky,
I wander through it like a lone mariner traveling the dark and depthless sea.

It's short, but than, there has been a 2 word poem before.

Anyways, yeah.

[edit on 3/25/2006 by iori_komei]

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:11 PM
Nothing wrong with a short poem...they're much easier to read, imo.

If I might toss in an idea for you on that poem, though...I'd suggest changing the wording, but ever so slightly...

How does this sound to you...

Darkest night with stars so bright forever gone from eternal sky,
I wander through like a lonely mariner travelling the dark deep sea.

I hope it doesn't bother you that I've made this suggestion (?)'s because I liked this carries so strong a message.

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 05:05 PM
A bit late, I know, but..No, I don't mind, constructive criticism
is a good thing in my opinion.

When I wrote this, I did'nt intend to share it with anyone,
as it was more or less just a way to vent my emotions.
It's a bit dark, as it was'nt exactly a happy time in my life.


My essence seeps out like molten Iron.
The world's turning the colors of evil.
The blackness is engulfing existance, how can what's left be
this red when so much of me has drained away to stain the
dirty grey marble.
Nothing can stop it now, the cuts are too deep.
I give in and descend unto the dark eternity of abyssmal

[edit on 10/27/2006 by iori_komei]

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 05:16 PM
When writing, no matter what, the best material seems to come out of our own personal experiences, whether that is an emotion, like this latest poem you posted or something else which had an impact on you.

Some of my best pieces were born out of gut-wrenching angst.

But, there is also empathy. If you can look upon someone else's life and feel what they have, and then put words to that, it has the same power as a personal experience.

I hope you keep writing poems, iori_ komei. I certasinly enjoy reading them.

The blackness is engulfing existance, how can what's left be
this red when so much of me has drained away to stain the
dirty grey marble.

It reminds me of a poem I wrote...I'll edit it in here when I find it.

here it is...
Lamentations for Hypatia

[edit on 27-10-2006 by masqua]

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 05:27 PM
Some more I just found that I wrote last April-June.
Not as dark or personal as the last.

Geisha Blossom's
Blossom's fall from a Katana blade sky,
as the lone geisha performs her dance
for the aristocracy of her oppression.

I Was Born
I was born
With Infinity in front of me,
an intimate knowledge of the universe
burning in my mind.

I was born
In the chaos of quantum froth,
intense energies pulsating through me like
my very life blood.

I was born
Ascending contemporary reality,
understanding the complex
mechanisms of space and time,
creating my own quintescent future.

March of Con-gress
Through the billowing desert sands and blaring
bright sun shining down malevalently, like a
wrathful god, the land warriors march to the
unhearable beat, like the clockwork soldiers from
the childhoods of the money hungry politicians of
capital hill who fund the true war of terror.

[edit on 10/27/2006 by iori_komei]

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 12:41 AM

The steel bites through, leaving its cruel trail,
the pain of physicality overpowers all else for one beautiful moment,
only to be replaced by darkness as I cry crimson tears.

I'm going to end up revising that, but I worte it last night,
and I though, hey why not post it.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 08:07 PM
very nice poems Iori, you should publish them.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 08:51 PM


Kali Kalika drifts off to the deep.
If I stand on my head
I can talk to my feet.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 08:09 PM
Now that's high quality H20. Maybe we could publish our own ATS book of poems. lori, yours would be in it.

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