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Electrokin (past-life experience)

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 07:14 PM
So I head of "otherkin" who think they have the soul or were in a past life a dragon/faerie(or however the (explitive) you're supposed to spell it all fancy-like) or elf, etcetera in their past life. I think that I've found a connection that is quite a bit different.

In my past life, I was a transformer. No, not a robot, but an electrical transformer. I cannot be sure where I was created, but I was installed at a bowling alley in Brockton, Ohio. Three-phase transformer. It was a nice life. I just sat quietly their, my coils quietly stepping down the incoming voltage. The owners were decent about preventative maintainance, and things went well, except when some kids decided to spraypaint my beautiful dark green exterior. Then I was moved to a different facility, some manufacturing place outside of Columbus. I was connected to a capacitor bank, "Fred", for power factor correction. We worked very well together for many years. I still haven't found out what happened to Fred. Anyways, I was moved out into storage for a year or two after the plant shut down, then I was moved to some little shop in eastern New York.

The people there got me second-hand and treated me like dirt. They did all kinds of crap. They constantly pulled too much current, used inductive loads without a power factor correction, pulled way too much off one phase and not much from another, etceteras. My wiring was bad too. I was miserable. Every night I felt bad. They constantly cursed about "that old transformer." It came to an end soon enough, though. It turns out I was not proplerly grounded when a bolt of lightning hit the pole near the shop. Whiteness. Pain and whiteness. That was it, the last thing I remembered.

Sometimes I feel like going back to my past life. However after a few accidents and two trips to the emergency room, I have found that I cannot convert a high voltage AC signal into a low voltage one. This saddens me greatly. I still do enjoy being in the company of other transformers, sitting next to their quietly humming exterior. I talk to them (well, talk AT them) about life and how things are going. They just hum back.

So, anyways, be nice to your electronic equipment! Don't abuse or damage things like your computers, or wallworts, or anything else like that! Don't call them pieces of @#$#@$ or the like. They all do the best they can, and it hurts. (Except for Fred, he was kinda' a slacker at times as far as getting that power factor corrected.)

You should also say "thank you" to the automatic door at the stores. It really means a lot.

This life is kinda glum. Sometimes it seems like a punishment of sorts. I can't see what I did wrong. Maybe I can come back as a programmable logic controller.

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 07:01 AM

Originally posted by Toxic Fox
I think that I've found a connection that is quite a bit different.

I have found that connection, too!!! It holds enormous informations about unique resourrces, that I can use to do just about anything. I am ready to take it and you are going to witness that.

Are you a different person with a gun in your hand? Try it, because you will need to know that. Do I know your near future? Yes, I do. You will see, but there is nothing to explain. A nice trip to somewhere...

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 07:23 AM
Are you joking... should this be in BTS or what...

While I partially believe in reincarnation, I'm not sure that inanimate objects could be alive. Why has science not proven that such things are alive? Are all things alive? Or just electrical devices. Could have something to do with electricity, but what about things like rocks. How would a rock possibly die. You'd basically have to melt it back into magma to kill it.

And if they are thinking independantly and have their own mind like you say, I think we should destroy it all before we have one of those big robot Matrix wars on our hands anyway
. I can see it now... doors closing on people purposefully. Kamakazii elevators that pick you up and just drop you to the basement. Seriously not seriously... because I don't know if I even believe you. Do you have any way of substantiating your story?

If serious, do you think we should we stop "pulling the plug" on our computers and equipment whenever we aren't using them? Is this the equivalent of killing them, or just putting them to sleep? What happens to the soul of a transformer when there is a power outage?

My friend and I have personally taken a computer monitor and hard drive apart screw by screw and smashed and obliterated every piece in it to bits. What a horrible, horrible death that must have been.

posted on Oct, 13 2005 @ 06:37 AM
Well, for one thing, people have been awfully closed-minded and hateful about the whole thing. (Points to middle poster.) No, just electronic devices. Except for certain computer systems that are utterly bereft of a soul. For the sake of brevity and avoiding a flame war, I will omit the names of the manufacturers. My computer doesn't talk to me very often, unfortunately. I tried to explain to it that it should try and run its CPU fan at a higher speed to help prolong it's life, but it just doesn't listen, like someone who is hyperobese and keeps gorging on food... I feel bad because I know this is going to kill it eventually.

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