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Lost on Gor

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posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 06:52 AM
The following story I have written is based on the Gorean novels of john norman, some of the terminology used are from these novels, so you may have to so some research or U2U me and ask and I will be happy to clarify, where as these novels are for adults, there is no such material in this following story.

some background:

Gor is a harsh world, reminiscent of the middle ages on earth, however they lack in weapons technology because the Priest-Kings strike down any who attempt to develop any beyond the allowed swords shields and spears etc. Slavery is a common institution on Gor and is common for women. there are male slaves but they are uncommon except in the arenas of Gor, reminescent of Gladiators. It is believed on Gor that
Men are the Masters, and women being of the weaker sex, are often destined for slavery. A slave on Gor is absolute property, if her owner wishes she can be beaten or killed, although it makes little sense to do so sense damaging goods brings less money.... Gor is strict in codes and rituals you will learn some from my story.

Lost On Gor:
Dave, Rita, Kelly, Roger, and samantha were college students out on a friday night in the countryside of Ohio, Mid-terms were done and it was time to celebrate. They had gone to many bars and all of them were greatly intoxicated, so it was decided rather than drive to spend the night in the Van which was comfortable enough. They dozed off after telling drunken jokes...

Dave awoke and noticed him and his companions were laying on a grassy knoll he stood up with a hell of a hangover and looked into the sky, the sun was about to rise and then something caught his eye, he nearly fell over when he saw it. There were three moons! What the?! dave thought to himself I must be dreaming or something, but he knew it was no dream, he was there looking up at three moons... he leaned down to shake Roger who mumbled something... and then rolled over and the girls were out like a light... he layed up against a tree with red fruit(he would later learn it was called Kalana). He sat there bewildered and after morning broke roger had awakened the three moons no longer visible Dave told Roger of what he saw. Roger laughed and said 'its too early for nonsense, I fell sick....'
Dave with seriousness never before seen by roger swore he spoke the truth, and for a minute Roger almost believed him....the girls began to stir. Roger looked around and said 'Where is the van?' 'I dont know' dave replied, now things were getting serious roger thought, someone must of stolen the Van... Rita sat up and began puking in the grass and kelly was holding her hair back...amused her little friend could not hold her liquor. sam(short for samantha) was begining to stir as well... it was then that an ear piercing screech was heard in the sky... Three black large birds descended quickly, none of us could believe what we were seeing and sam began to cry. They descended and landed and men actually got off their saddles of the back of these gigantic birds and approached us...

They were strong men crrying swords, of all things, and a long apparatus of some sort dangled from their belts... One of them spoke but none of us could understand so we just sort of stared, then he motioned to one of the men who handed him a box with an adjustment knob, he spoke again this ime they understood... 'can you understand me?' 'yes' Dave replied, 'what are you doing here? you are trespassing on the territory of Ar..' they held crosbows on us and then the noticed the girls... the leader of the men said, we will take the men to see the Ubar, then collar the girls and place them in slave bracelets' the two men walked over to the girls as the watched in horror and slipped metal collars around their necks that clicked shut and placed what looked to me like highly decorated handcuffs on them, then one of the men chained the girls together by their collars...Kelly began resisting and I saw a man strike her across the face and yell 'beast!'.. I yelled 'hey what do you think your doing?' the leader looked at me and said 'they will make good kajiras and will be sold on the street of brands' I was shocked 'sold?' I replied. The man chuckled 'yes, sold. they will bring in a good coin, unless you own these girls?' I looked to them...kelly was sobbing the other two would not speak. 'No one owns these girls...they are free' I responded without even realising i had just sealed their fate now. The man nodded and replied 'Good than I claim them.' I was puzzled as they led us back into the city and into the council chamber, the girls were taken elsewhere... Then the Ubar asked the leader of the men 'Who are these?' 'they were found with some slaves trespassing, I believe they are barbarians' replied the leader. The Ubar looked at us and said 'are you from earth?' I was shocked for the first time someone knew where we were from. 'Yes!' I exclaimed. The Ubar laughed and said 'Well, the priest-kings have brought you here' I asked 'why?'. 'Dont know' said the Ubar, 'it happens...' 'you and your friend will be trained as warriors, you may roam within the city, however until you have completed your training you are not permitted to leave the city.' I nodded and looked 'What about the girls I was with?" I asked, he looked at me and said 'they will become kajira'. 'kajira?" I asked he looked as if her underdtood my confusion and then whistled... a girl scantly clad came in and barely made eye contact with me as she kneeled before me and the Ubar... 'yes, Master' she replied to the Ubar...he looked at her and said 'greet and offer service, girl' she didnt even look up and she softly said 'yes, Master'. The Ubar looked at me and said 'This is a kajira, beautiful no?' he asked me... she was amazingly beautiful her hair was blonde and her eyes were a soft blue at least what I could see of them. I noticed she bared the same collar as my girlfriends did. She approached me and kneeled with her thighs spread, and her palms resting upwards her chin raised and her back staraightened, it would have been obscene if not for her clothing she wore. she didnt make eye contact with me she looked to my feet and asked 'Master, may I be of service to you this day?'

To be continued....

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 07:12 AM
feel free to ask questions or post comments...

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 10:03 AM
The cold reception of this story doesnt really surprise me as john norman has been censored since the early 70's on his works. (feminists dont take the idea of women slavery very kindly i suppose). Anyway, read some of the novels, its a shame this has been moved to the realm of Taboo, the sales of norman's novels obviously shows the political reasoning behind blacklisting these books is a waste because not everyone agrees with them. Gor explores aspects of philosphy and psychology that few writers can even come close(and norman is a science fiction writer).


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