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Meirs - Key For The Right Result ?

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posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 07:48 PM
It seems Harriet E. Miers may not be the rank and file "soldier" after all. Taking a glimpse into her rather unpublicized past may offer a different viewpoint. Though apparently a staunch opponent to abortion and gay/lesbian rights she does seem to possess a true desire for "the right result", what is fair to all? Will she be the Wildcard on the U.S. Supreme Court?
Could she shake up the status quo?
Now President Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court, Miers served one term on the Dallas City Council, from 1989 to 1991, a period that offers a rare view of her political philosophy and style. Her campaign, votes and public stances defy easy characterization.
. . .

A loner who liked to say that she made her decisions based on "the facts," Miers brought a lawyer's intellect and courtroom demeanor to a venue where ego-massaging, compromise and vote trading were more common. She left elected office of her own choosing after one term, lamenting to a local reporter that "decisions are more political" than an effort to reach the "right result."
. . .

"What was unusual about Harriet is we'd ask her some questions, she'd think about it, and then she'd actually give you a straight answer," Pederson said. "She was such an un-politician politician."
. . .

After initially supporting a voter-approved plan that was opposed by African American and Hispanic leaders, Miers switched sides and advocated the plan supported by the minority community -- a plan that eliminated citywide seats like hers.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Meirs' appointment to the Supreme Court is for the most part, as with the recent Roberts' confirmation, a done deal.

Should we hope that she has been able to hold on to even a few threads of the heart and soul type convictions demonstrated over 10 years ago?

IMO it's a bit like a craps shoot . . . she turns out to be the holdout vote with true concerns on primary issues OR after 10+ years of "conditioning" she has become just another rank and file soldier [so to speak] in the status-quo bureaucracy we call government.

Looks like we'll have to wait and see! :O/ ?

I'm rather standoff-ish at this point seeing merit and fault on multiple issues/sides throughout but, never the less, IMO her appointment will likely go through mostly uncontested.

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