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Drew Levin: LIVE Through THIS!

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posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 01:33 AM

Drew Levin

: Executive Producer

LIVE Through THIS!

Plot Outline: A rock reunion becomes a family reunion when The Jackson Decker Band goes on tour and brings their teen and twenty-something kids along for the ride. (more)

User Comments: This Show Had Everything (more)

Drew Levin : Executive Producer: Drew Levin

Credited cast:
Matthew Carey .... Travis Williams
Tom Lock .... Chase Rooney
Jane McGregor .... Darby Parsons
Sarah Manninen .... Lu Baker
Jessica Welch .... Olivia Rooney
Jennifer Dale .... Annie Baker
Bruce Dinsmore .... Rick Parsons
Tyrone Benskin .... Sparky
David Nerman .... Keith Rooney
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Joe Cobden .... Wireless
Ron Lea .... Drake Taylor

Regular guests:
Gianpaolo Venuta .... Kyle (2 episodes)
Kwasi Songui .... Chester (2 episodes)
Adam Frost .... Joe Miller (2 episodes)

Runtime: 60 min / 45 min (13 episodes)
Country: Canada / USA
Language: English
Color: Color



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