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Help Required!

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posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 12:54 AM
Hi everyone, firstly if this post needs to be moved, please do to the most appropriate place.

Basic reason for my posting, is because a brother of my very good friend has been missing in India sincae August 2005, and attempts to locate him have only come up with threats and requests to extort money.

here are the basic details:

Ryan was last seen leaving the Ashram he was staying at at 5am on Wednesday 24 August. He was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. No shirt, no shoes, no ID, no money and no phone.

There have been a couple of potential sightings of Ryan since he disappeared but these have lead to nothing. To date, Ryan is still missing.

Dad went over to Rishikesh shortly after Ryan disappeared to organise a search for him but had to come back after 3 weeks as there was little else he could do.

Mum and Dad are constantly thinking of ways and means to make Ryan's disappearance more widley known throughout India with the hope that someone sees him and reports it to the Autralian Embassy.

This is where we would sincerely appreciate your help.

Coca Cola is widely distributed throughout India, even to the remotest areas including up in the mountains. We are desperately trying to have Coca Cola distribute missing posters with Ryan's photo and details of a reward with every crate of Coca Cola they send to India. Therefore, we are asking that you take 5 seconds of your day to go to the following link and post a request to Coca Cola to put these missing posters among their crates of Coke.

The link to the request form is:

To save you time, please copy and paste the text below so that we can get the message to Coca Cola:

"Ryan Chambers- This Australian backpacker (21 years) has been missing from Rishikesh, India, since 24 August 2005. To assist his family to find him, can you please include a poster in every crate of product sold by Coca Cola into Northern India. I know how good your distribution system is and the poster would reach the most remote areas. This would be much appreciated. Poster can be accessed at "

if anyone can help in any way, help would be much appreciated. if you have any ifnormation, please send me a U2U so I can pass the info to Aaron and the Chambers Family.

Thank You

posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 01:40 AM
Dear Gary,

Thank you for your interest. We have received your comments/suggestions/enquiries.

If required, a representative will revert to you with necessary inputs.




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