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Tobacco companies set to defend high class B.C government suit worth 10-billion.

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posted on Sep, 30 2005 @ 08:50 PM
The Supreme Court of Canada has sided with the British Columbia provincial government to seek health care repurcussions from tobacco companies. It seems B.C has never been enabled to sue tobacco companies before, so this would mark the first time they have the abiity to seek financial ratification. B.C will be asking for health care deficits stretching back 50 years. The estimated value would be $10-biliion. Some tobacco companies are filing for bankruptcy in light of the oncoming legal battle. Rothmans requested the public hearing to be postponed after the markets closed today, which should tell us something.
Canada's highest court has sided with the British Columbia government in a landmark ruling that opens the door for the province to sue cigarette makers in an effort to recover billions in health-care costs related to smoking.

The 9-0 decision — delivered late Thursday afternoon — the Supreme Court of Canada upheld provincial legislation allowing the government to seek damages for health-care costs dating back 50 years as well as future expenses stemming from illnesses resulting from tobacco use

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I wonder if the Canadian government will try and drive these companies into bankruptcy and once and for all get rid of the tobacco related health care costs.

I really hope this works out better than the sloppy work of Ontario in 2000, where they tried to sue the tobacco industry in a New York court. The defendents got away easily on the grounds of Canada filing a suit in a US, and therefore an international, court.

Having the oppourtunity to sue in our own country will be a great advantage, especially with the support of our highest court.

Maybe other provinces will reap the beneficits of sueing the tobacco industry after B.C is done with them?

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